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Goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come...

Heading to KC early tomorrow morning. Kaitlin and I will drop the boys and their friend, Brady, off at the Liberty Memorial for Rockfest, an outdoor all-day (WILD!) concert. We will do some shopping, hanging out, and if I'm brave enough, some hot tub/pool action. We're staying at the Westin Crown Center, which is only about 6 blocks from the concert, so the boys can walk there and back and we can avoid most of the traffic jam.

Sunday we're headed to the Royals game. It's probably been 6 or 7 years since we've been to a game, so we're looking forward to it.

Corby is staying home to help our neighbor, Paul, build a new deck. He's also on "sick cat" patrol. Hopefully we can let Sugar out of the downstairs bathroom (where she's been since last Saturday) tomorrow. She's better, but nowhere near 100% yet...

Later gators!

Sick Kitty

Poor Sugar...she is getting better day by day, but she is still confined in the downstairs bathroom. And let me tell you, sharing one bathroom with 3 adult children (well, they THINK they're adults) is a pain in the tush. We could use the bathroom downstairs, but it's fairly small, and with a litter box, food bowls and a sick cat, we've opted to share the upstairs one.

She's taking lots of medication.Kaitlin giving her medsShe's not too thrilled with us.Corby talked to the vet today. Hopefully we'll be able to let her back outside in the next day or two. After tomorrow she will have one pill twice a day. We're not sure she will hang around to get those pills, but we're going to have to let her go soon.

The kids and I (and a friend of Brandon's) are headed to KC for the weekend. We will leave early Saturday morning and drop the boys off at Rockfest - a big outdoors concert at the Liberty Memorial. Kaitlin and I will hang out, shop, swim at the hotel, e…

Happy Memorial Day

To all our veterans and those we've lost who have fought for our country...GOD BLESS YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Memorial Day Weekend

We hosted a family cookout yesterday, and celebrated my sister Rhonda's 55th birthday (May 30) and Brandon's 20th birthday (May 16). Brandon wasn't here for his birthday celebration, as he had to work. He managed to get 40 hours this week, and needs the money. He wasn't able to ask for the day off in time unfortunately.

Rhonda reading her birthday cards (with our sister Marilyn)Our nephew NickMike, Nick, Corby & SandyMy sister-in-law Diana and MOMI took this picture holding the camera at arms' length. Not too good, but Kaitlin & I were having fun. She had to work, but got off in time to get in on some of the festivities. We did a LOT of reminiscing, with mom telling us we should write down our memories. She says that by the time we are her age, we'll forget all of them. She did pretty darn good keeping up with us though!

Good music (stereo blasting in the garage) and a great time with family.

Life with a Sick Cat

We picked Sugar up from the vet today. We are $806 poorer! And she's still a sick cat. She's having problems with urination and diarrhea. She's taking 4 different kinds of meds. We have to keep her confined for at least 3 or 4 days. Right now we have her in Kaitlin's bedroom, but I think she'll soon be moving to the downstairs bathroom due to her "potty" problems. I'm already washing the sheets and blankets from Kaitlin's bed. UGH! If she doesn't get better in the next few days, we may be putting her to sleep. They really weren't sure about sending her home, but since it's a holiday weekend, we could NOT afford to let her stay 3 more days! One thing about this experience, Kaitlin is now thinking about becoming a veterinarian - again! She always wanted to be one, but a couple of years ago she decided she didn't want to spend 8 years in college. So she's starting K-State in the engineering program (and has an engineering scholars…

What a week!

Other than the twins graduation on Tuesday, this has not been a good week.

On Tuesday afternoon, our outdoor cat, Sugar, who had been missing for 3 days, came home very ill. Kaitlin and I took her to the vet. She has a kidney stone and some kind of infection, and was extremely dehydrated. It's Friday evening now, and she is still at the vet. We are going to have to pull the plug soon, as the bill is getting pretty darn high. I honestly should have put her to sleep on Tuesday, instead of all the expense we are incurring, but I couldn't do that to Kaitlin on her graduation day. She would never have forgotten it.

Then, sometime late Wed. night or early yesterday morning, someone ran into Kaleb's car - he was parked in the street. With 5 vehicles, we can't all fit in the driveway! Anyway, it was a hit and run. He called the police, but there isn't much you can do when you don't know who hit it. It's not a huge dent, but it's right at the crack of the driver&…

2009 Heights High School Graduates

I now present to you...

without further ado...

Kaleb & Kaitlin Joplinwith mom & dadwith Brandonwith Terry & Sandywith MelodyKaleb with his friend, RavenKaitlin with her friend, Maddie
Kaleb & Raven being sillyand Kaitlin telling us another "high school" story!

Random photos

The previous pics are garage sale items...maybe. I'm not sure I'm ready to part with Kaleb's Scooby Doo yet...or the ancient dominos...we'll see.
Muffin checking out the flowers outside the basement window.
Our bradford pear tree - which didn't bloom the white flowers this year because of the snow & ice in April!
Cinnamon, a front view and a back view of her newly shaved fur...And, our poor basketball goal needs a new net.

Busy Day in Kakeland!

We took Kaleb's car to the shop this morning. His A/C wasn't working. Thank goodness it didn't end up being anything major - just needed some freon. No leaks in the system or anything. So now he's ready for summer.

After we dropped off the car, we went to Panera for breakfast. I love their everything bagels, and we rarely get a chance to eat there, since there isn't one close. We ended up buying a baker's dozen (13) since it was only a few more $ than buying 4. Since Kaleb was needing a computer desk, we ended up going to Office Depot and then Office Max, where we found him one on clearance. We brought the bagels home so Brandon could eat breakfast before heading to work, and then went to Heights. The school left a message on Friday that our "senior" had obligations to pay before they could receive their diploma. Since we didn't know which "senior" it was, they both went with me. Kaleb had apparently not paid the $20 for his photography c…

Graduation / Flowers?

You might ask - why a title of Graduation / Flowers? Perhaps because 2009 graduates are like budding flowers - able to grow and blossom as much as they can.

Here we have the Heights mission statement - hanging in their auditorium:This is the best picture I could get of Kaleb & Kaitlin at their awards ceremony on Wednesday. Some day - perhaps by the time they graduate from college, I will have a great camera with an awesome telephoto lens!And with the beautiful weather from yesterday and today, our flowers are's Cinnamon, newly shaved for summer.Have to tell a hilarious story about the animals. We got Cinnamon shaved last Sunday. After Corby brought her home, I was downstairs when the boys started howling, screaming and laughing their heads off. Apparently, Abby the kitty, took one look at Cinnamon and FREAKED out! She ran through the house, into our bedroom, and almost went through our screen (more on that later). She was absolutely petrified! It took Abby…

Gotta Brag!

This morning was Heights Senior Convocation and Awards Assembly. Corby and I are VERY proud of Kaleb and Kaitlin, and I must announce their awards (in the order in which they were given):

Exemplary Score in History/Government, Math, Reading or Science:
Kaitlin Joplin
Kaleb Joplin

Kansas Board of Regents Recommended Curriculum Completers:
Kaitlin Joplin
Kaleb Joplin

Kansas State High School Activities Association Governor's Scholars Award Program (top 1% of high school seniors in Kansas):
Kaitlin Joplin

Kansas Board of Regents Designated Scholars:
Kaitlin Joplin
Kaleb Joplin

University of Kansas Honors Scholars (top 10% of class):
Kaitlin Joplin
Kaleb Joplin

President's Education Gold Award:
Kaitlin Joplin

President's Education Silver Award:
Kaleb Joplin

Outstanding Seniors by Department:
Mathematics: Kaitlin Joplin
Science: Kaleb Joplin

Gold Cord Awards (4.0 High School Career) / Valedictorian (1 of 9):
Kaitlin Joplin

3.9 High School Career Award:
Kaleb Joplin


My sister Rhonda reminded me today that I didn't post a family picture from Saturday's graduation party. We also celebrated Mother's Day, so me and my siblings had a picture taken with mom.

Here it is:I tried to do a post for mom on Mother's Day, but blogger wouldn't let me post. Don't know what the problem was. Anyway, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (belatedly) to the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

Graduation Party

We had a wonderful day! Did some grocery & graduation party shopping this morning. Then Corby & Brandon headed to Sam's to pick up the cake, and Party City to pick up the balloons. Kaleb, Kaitlin and I went over to the Community Building and got everything set up for their party.

Their "picture" table...The grads...Family pic...With Grandma Billie...With Aunt Rhonda...With Aunt Marilyn and Aspen...With Uncle Terry & Aunt Sandy...
With Uncle Mike & Aunt Diana...With Melody & Diane...Dining at Abuelo's for their celebration dinner...What will I remember about this day?

* Corby & Brandon helping out by picking up the cake at Sam's & the balloons at Party City
* Kaleb & Kaitlin helping me set up for their graduation party, and the laughs we had
* Reminiscing with Kaleb & Kaitlin's kindergarten teacher, Vicki Tanner. She is in our Sunday School class at church, and is a very special lady.
* Reminiscing with Kaleb & Kaitlin's 8…