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Manhattan Day Trip

We went to Manhattan today to fix Brandon's car. He had problems with the battery a few weeks ago, and then he had more problems. Trying to diagnose the problem from here we thought it might be the alternator. The boys found a refurbished one and bought it. Thank goodness they asked if they could return it if necessary.

Corby found loose wires to the battery that the boys replaced. It wasn't really their fault, as they didn't have any good tools to use.

The boys both got home from classes shortly after we arrived.

We got the battery all fixed up, and we hope that solved the problem.

Took the boys to Old Chicago for lunch. Kaleb had to work at 1, Brandon decided to switch his work day from today to Friday, so he was off. After Kaleb headed off to work we ran over to Best Buy (driving Brandon's car so we could test drive).

I bought The Town on Blu-Ray (yes, we finally got a blu-ray player). I bought the special package that included the Blu-Ray, the regular DVD and one digita…

Tax Day

Tax day. Well, tax figuring day! Boo hiss! Have to pay a big chunk to Federal AND State. UGH!

Yesterday's pic of the day

Kaitlin's shoe/boot stash

Kaleb Heads Home

Enjoyed having Kaleb home this weekend...

Corby & Kaleb washed cars today. My car and Kaleb's both needed a bath! I got the kids taxes done too...

Took a couple of pictures before he headed home...

Unknown and more...

It was a busy week (as usual) exacerbated by having alternators go out on Kaitlin's truck and Brandon's car. Corby replaced Kaitlin's alternator today, and we're headed to Manhattan on Tuesday to repair Brandon's car. I'll be so glad when the kids get thru college, and hopefully get good jobs so they can buy newer cars! :-)

Along with the wild weather swing (-15 last week, 75 this week)...we were happy that Kaleb came home yesterday to spend the weekend.

We went to the Shocker game last night, where they lost in the last few seconds because the refs called a foul on them (ugh)

Corby replaced Kaitlin's alternator this morning, while Kaleb, Kaitlin and I visited mom. We came home and picked Corby up, then went to see the new Liam Neeson movie, UNKNOWN, at the Warren Theatre (east). Though the movie was a bit slow-going, I really enjoyed it (perhaps because I'm a big Neeson fan) and there definiately was a TWIST to the movie!

I'm on vacation until Thursday…

Styx and more...

Mom fell early Tuesday morning, but thankfully didn't break anything. Her hips are a bit sore, but the x-ray showed nothing was broken. I stopped to check on her after a dentist appointment on Wednesday.

My niece, Lenore and her husband, Daniel, signed with an agent this week. Lenore has been writing a YA (Young Adult) novel, as well as working on humorous picture books manuscripts with Daniel! Very proud of them, and hope this leads to their books being published!

Melody and I went to see Styx last night at First Council Casino in Newkirk, OK. It's just over the border south of Arkansas City, so it didn't take long to get there. The opening act was a band out of OKC - Stonewater. They were really good, so we went together and bought their CD. Styx ROCKED as usual.

They even played some songs off their earlier albums. The sound was awesome. It was difficult to see them as it was all floor seats, and we had a lot of tall people in front of us. But still, it was a lot of fun!



Cinnamon LOVES the snow!


Mom is the star of this month's Presbyterian Manor newsletter...

Mr. Elvis impersonator sang "Are You Lonesome Tonight" to her at his performance last month. They all know she is a huge Elvis fan!

And here are the cats trying to stay warm by my space heater...

January 2011 Books

I read five books in January...

1) The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell. I enjoy most of Cornwell's books, and though this one was a bit of a trudge to read, it still was a good book. Not her best though.

2) Queen of the Night by J.A. Jance. Jance is one of my favorite suspense/mystery authors, and though this book did not feature regulars Joanna Brady or J.P. Beaumont, it was a really good book.

3) Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi. de Rossi, the wife of Ellen DeGeneres, writes about her eating disorder. It was tough to read at times, I think because it's hard to believe that someone who weighs 90 lbs. can believe they still need to lose weight. It is obviously a disease, and one that she finally overcame.

4) Love Me to Death by Allison Brennan. This one is classified as a romantic suspense novel. I think it had more suspense than romance, but I thought it was really good. And I'm thinking it's the first book in a series of three.

5) Tick Tock by James Patterson…


While we may not have gotten a ton of snow (maybe 5-6 inches?) we are under blizzard conditions tonight! The wind is blowing 30-40mph, it's bitter cold, and the snow is really drifting. We allowed most people to leave work between 2:30 and 3 today. I left about 4, and it took me about an hour to get home. Kaitlin didn't have classes at Wichita State today, but worked 10-2, and then got stuck trying to get in the driveway. Our neighbor helped get her un-stuck, so she parked in the street until Corby got home and shoveled the worst part of the drifting.

Luckily, I had already planned to take tomorrow off, so I don't have to get out in it. WSU cancelled classes again tomorrow, but Kaitlin has to work 11-5. At least the snow has stopped...

And I'm caught up on Project Life 2011