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Wednesday - Ugh!

Back to work quite a bit accomplished on the new advertising system, but I'm really looking forward to having July 4-6th off. 5 days off! Can't remember the last time I was able to take 5 days off. Well, other than the work trips to Melbourne & Bradenton, FL earlier this year. And then when I was off when mom passed away. Those don't count though, so I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends and then hitting the big project again on July 9th...


Kaleb and I went and saw the movie BRAVE yesterday.

It was a very enjoyable movie, not Pixar's best, but still fun. There are a few violent scenes with bears that may be scary for toddlers tho...

even better tho?

Finding Nemo comes out in 3D this September! One of my favorite movies of all time!

Memorial Day

Had family over on Memorial Day. I needed a "relaxing" day, and I had one. Corby fixed dinner for everyone and we had a great time!

 Mikey made lots of new friends!!!!

April and May Books

I'm falling behind again on my blog...huge project at work is keeping me busy.

1) On Lavender Lane - JoAnn Ross (hardback)
2) The Glass Case - Kristin Hannah (Kindle short)
3) The Big 5-0! - Sandra D. Bricker (Kindle)
4) Ties That Bind - Heather Huffman (Kindle)
5) The Teacher's Billionaire - Christina Tetreault (Kindle)
6) Kit and Kisses - Karen Rose Smith (Kindle)
7) In The Dead of Winter - Nancy Mehl (oversized paperback on loan from Sandy) - included following two books
8) Bye Bye Bertie - Nancy Mehl
9) For Thom The Wedding Bell Tolls
10) More Than Memories - Kristen James (Kindle)
11) The Witness - Nora Roberts (hardback)

1) Sunrise Point - Robyn Carr (Kindle)
2) Her Greek Romance - Mona Risk (Kindle)
3) What Doesn't Kill You - Iris Johansen (hardback)
4) Loving - Karen Kingsbury (paperback)
5) Having My Baby - Theresa Ragan (Kindle)
6) Silenced - Allison Brennan (paperback)
7) The Last Boyfriend: Book Two of the InnBoonsBoro Trilogy - Nora Roberts

I enjo…