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A Fanilow I Am

I've been a Barry Manilow fan since 1975. That was the year that his first single, Mandy, came out. I remember going to see him at Century II that year. Mandy was such a big hit, I figured, why not go check him out. He was tall, skinny, and how should I put this? Geeky, I guess. But there was something about him. He had charisma. The concert was great. I remember leaving the concert hall thinking "this guy is going to be a star".

And boy did he! The next time I saw him was in the early 80's. I'd have to dig out my old scrapbook with ticket stubs to find the exact date. This was after I met my best friend, now for about 37 or 38 years, Melody. We didn't know each other in 1975, but we were both at that concert at Century II, and we both knew he would be a star.

Barry had a song on the album "This One's For You" that resonated with both Melody and I. It was ALL THE TIME. Here are some of the lyrics:

All the time I thought
there's only me