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New specs and...

Finally was able to get some more "trendy"??? specs.

I have a hard time finding something other than wire frames with my coke-bottle lenses! Actually, my eyesight has improved in my left eye, and that's what was causing my fuzzy bifocal vision...

Beautiful flowers the hubby and daughter sent me for my birthday, at work on Wednesday...

Crazy cats, both of them

The Latest...

These are my latest book arrivals from Literary Guild:

Chasing the Night by Iris of my favorite authors. This book is part of a series about Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor, whose young daughter Bonnie disappeared many years ago. Can't wait to read it.

Play Dead by Harlan Coben...another really good author. This is actually a book he wrote over 20 years ago.

A Chesapeake Shores Christmas by Sherryl Woods...Woods has become one of my favorites. This is also a series book about the O'Brien family.

Can't wait to read them!

Fall is Here?

Fall is here, maybe? Now if the weather would just cooperate! The 80's are having a hard time leaving. Mid 70's for a few days, and then mid 60's the rest of this week. THAT'S THE WEATHER I LOVE!

We've had a rather lazy weekend, thank goodness! I needed some R&R. We visited mom yesterday morning. She needs some winter clothes, but has a few she can wear until I can find some for her. Her dementia makes her very worried about clothes, and she struggles with thinking she doesn't have anything to wear. I'm on vacation Monday & Tuesday, so I'll go shopping at Sears. She also wants some new pajamas, hopefully I can find her some flannel ones that she will like. After doing our Dillons grocery shopping we came home and goofed around the rest of the day.

Corby thought he had the blinkers fixed (yet again!) in my car, but they went out again today. He's more than frustrated to say the least, but continues to search for the problem. He and Kaitlin are …

Crazy cats...

yes, when the weather gets a little cool, here's what the cats do...

Great weekend!

Loved having the boys home this weekend!

Corby checked out their cars before they headed back to Manhattan!

AND we had a wonderful dinner of salad, fresh pineapple, rice and pork chops before they left....

My Favorite Show

Here's a picture of the cast from my favorite show...


Chili Sunday

The weather turned cool today, and we've had rain off and on. Definitely feels like October now. Finally!

So, on this chilly Sunday, guess what Corby made for dinner?

Yep, chili!

Last weekend, Corby and Paul put new brakes on my car.

On Friday we had new tires put on. Hoping to make my Saturn last at least a couple more years...

September Books

I read 8 books in September:

1) Open-An Autobiography by Andre Agassi
2) 1022 Evergreen Place by Debbie Macomber
3) From my Perspective  by Joseph S. Bonsall
4) Stay by Alison Leigh
5) Orchard Valley Grooms by Debbie Macomber
6) Am Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller
7) Tough Customer by Sandra Brown
8) Dream Mender by Sherryl Woods

The Andre Agassi book was an eye-opener. The poor guy was abused by his father and hated tennis. After a fairly loveless marriage to Brooke Shields he's now married to Steffi Graf, and after retiring from tennis, is a happier person.

Debbie Macomber's books are always good.

Joe Bonsall is a member of the Oak Ridge Boys, and his book was enlightening, but sometimes hard to read. It bounced back and forth a bit too much, but was still enjoyable for the most part.

Cynthia Keller's book, An Amish Christmas, was a free book received from Library Thing so I could review it. I really enjoyed it. Once the kids got away from their phones, computers, Ipods, etc. they …