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Wichita Wings!!!!

We have a new indoor soccer team - starting this fall. And they WILL be called the Wichita Wings.

I have tons of memories of the original Wings. We were season ticket holders for years. Brandon grew up with the Wings! We will definitely BUY season tickets!

February Books

I know I'm a bit late posting this blog. After all, it's the 28th of March, and this is my February reads. But, I'm going to post it anyway!

1) The Confession - John Grisham - this was a really good book. I have since loaned it to Kaleb.
2) Promise Canyon - Robyn Carr
3) Wild Man Creek - Robyn Carr
4) Harvest Moon - Robyn Carr

The last 3 books are by one of my favorite authors. I will buy anything that she writes! I like Grisham's earlier books, but some of his last ones have lacked the intensity of his first books. The Confession took me back a bit, to the time when he was writing good books. So I would highly recommend it!

March Madness

Yes, we suffer from March Madness in our house - for several reasons. The twins birthday is March 15, and they turned 20 this year. I know you'll associate March Madness with the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This year was no different. Kansas State beat Utah State in the first round, but lost to Wisconsin in the second round. KU fared much better. They beat Boston University, Illinois and Richmond before losing to VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) in the Elite Eight. While the state's focus was on these two teams, Wichita State lit fans on fire with their run for the NIT Championship. They beat Nebraska 76-49 at Koch Arena, then beat Virginia Tech 79-76 in Virginia. Last Wednesday night, Terry, Kaitlin, Lydia and I went to their third NIT game - College of Charleston - at Koch. They won again 82-75. Now they are in the quarter finals of the NIT Tournament, and they will play another WSU - Washington State University - tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden. GO SHOCKERS! M…

Shockers Win! 1st round. NIT!

Some recent pictures of the day...

don't ask, okay, I'll tell you anyway. Corby's fish burrito - fish sticks, mac 'n cheese & tartar sauce. YUCK!

Too Long

It's been way too long since I posted here...

Work has been crazy busy as usual, and mom has been dealing with her new dental bridge. Let's say mom and the rest of us have been dealing with it. She's struggling with it, both understanding what it is, and complaining about it hurting. She went almost 9 1/2 months with just 3 teeth on the bottom while waiting for this bridge (it's a VERY long story), so I keep explaining to her that it will take a little while for her gums to adjust. I hope that happens soon.

Kaitlin has been busy with school and working about 26 hours/week at the Eagle. She spends most of her weekends studying.

We bought strawberries at Dillons yesterday. They are quite yummy for March!

And, we lost an hour of sleep last night, but I love daylight savings time, once my body adjusts to it.