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Pyrex can explode...

Corby was fixing dinner last night and had put some chicken fingers in a pyrex dish on our glass-topped stove. Kaitlin & her friend Lydia were fixing mashed potatoes and gravy, and Kaitlin accidentally turned on the wrong burner. LO & BEHOLD, the glass pyrex dish exploded! It went everywhere! So, the moral of the story is, don't put a pyrex dish on a glass-topped stove.

Tomorrow night is the Eagles concert! I'm really looking forward to it since I haven't seen them for almost 30 years!

Yep, we lead exciting lives...

okay, maybe not so much...but we did have a good week.

After my productive but relaxing vacation day on Monday, we celebrated Corby's birthday on Tuesday. It was such a hot and humid day that I surprised him and his co-workers with some cupcakes and popsicles around 1pm. I was basically mobbed when they found out I had popsicles!

Kaitlin and I took him to Hu Hot for dinner. I had never been there, though I'd been to a similar place in KC in May. He really liked it. We also got a free dessert. We'd already eaten part of it before I remembered to take a picture!

Kaitlin and I went to lunch at The Beacon on Wednesday. Well, it was lunchtime but we both had breakfast. She had an omelet and I had biscuits & gravy.

Thursday I was VERY excited to receive my copy of "Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten"...

My niece's husband, Daniel, did the illustrations. I took it to work on Friday and showed it to all the graphic designers in my ACS department. Everyone was very…

Vacation Day!

Truly enjoying a day of plans for the day:

* Put up the clean dishes
* Put up the clean laundry
* Read paper, work the puzzles
* Catch up on Project Life scrapbooking
* Read: current book CAUGHT by Harlen Coben (really good!)
* Mail mom's bills
* Read my magazines that have piled up: Entertainment Weekly, Family Circle, Scrapbooks Etc., Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts
* Play computer games

Yes, I lead an exciting life!

Happy Father's Day

We lost my beloved dad in late February of 1994. 1994 was not a good year for our family. Not only did we lose my dad, but we lost a very special aunt, my Aunt Coney in July (she lived in St. Louis). We also lost another special member of our family, my sister-in-law, Barbara, who passed away in October.

The kids were pretty young when my dad died - Brandon was 4 and the twins were 2. It's sad because they don't have any memories of him. I remember him getting down on the floor and playing with them when they were babies. He also liked imitating Louie Armstrong, so it wasn't unusual for him to break out singing "Hello Dolly" or "When the Saints Go Marching In". In fact, I have a little bit of him singing on video. Dad worked hard to put food on the table for his family. My mom stayed at home raising the five of us, and dad worked first at 7-Up and then at Coors for many years before opening his own liquor store. I know all of us kids have our own special…

Family Birthdays, etc.

We met at Olive Garden this afternoon to celebrate several family birthdays: my niece Michelle (Apr. 15), my sister Rhonda (May 30) and my hubby Corby (June 22). Fourteen family members attended. We had a great time.

Here's Michelle and her mom, my sister-in-law Sandy, showing off some of Michelle's goodies:

Here's my sister Rhonda showing off some of her goodies:

And here's Corby, holding Criminal Minds DVDS, Season 4. He also got money, which is what he asked for. He's saving up to buy a new smoker.

Here's Muffin with her new $1.00 rubbing post that Corby bought at a garage sale last weekend:

Here's Kaitlin with mom - I took this yesterday and think it's a really good picture:

The next week looks to be busy. Might have to make another trip to Manhattan for car repairs. Kaleb's battery light is still coming on, so he's taking it on Tuesday to have it looked at. If they determine it's the alternator, Corby and I will head up there, probably Saturd…

Has it been...

almost a week since my last blog?

Yeah, I guess my life is boring, so I don't blog as much.

Kaitlin is enjoying her new job at The Eagle. I'm the one who is still adjusting. I'm just not used to having my baby girl show up at my desk every day 10 minutes before she is supposed to start work. Sounds likes she's doing well tho, and for that I am happy! I've been at the Eagle for 33+ years, and my daughter is following in my footsteps. Don't get me wrong...she's going to go on bigger and better things. But for a part-time job during college, she couldn't do much better!

Corby mowed last night, even though Kaitlin and I both offered. He wouldn't let us, as he wanted to test out his new mower. Kaitlin mowed the last time, because it was shortly after his bout with heat exhaustion...anyway, he loves his new mower!

Headed garaging "sale-ing" in the morning. It's Kechi's city-wide sales, so Kaitlin and I will scope out a few before we head to …

Why do I do this????

Why, oh why do I subject myself and my family to a garage sale every year, sometimes twice a year?

Oh, in the good ol' days when the kids were young, we made quite a bit of money. Baby, toddler and small kids clothing, toys and furniture sell quite well. And since we had 3 little ones, we would have some big, awesome sales. We also had a great location right off Pawnee and Pattie. We had so much fun one time when Brandon was about 7 and the twins were about 5. Brandon and Kaitlin dressed up in costumes - Brandon with a red & white polka dot clown tie and a goofy hat, Kaitlin in a prom dress w/pearls - and they stood at the corner of Pawnee and waved to cars driving by. I don't know how many people went around the block and came back by just to comment on the kids! Ah, those were the good old days.

Nowadays in Park City, the garage sales aren't quite as good. We have kind of a dilemma - whether to join the city-wide sales, when there are sometimes over 100 in about a 4 sq…

May Books

I only read 4 books in May. Wow, that's the fewest I've read in a long time! Of course, May was busy with moving Kaitlin home, a trip to KC, Manhattan vehicle repairs, terrible toothache (resulting in having a tooth pulled yesterday), etc.

Book #1 - Savor the Moments (#3 Bride Quartet) - Nora Roberts...I love this series! The fourth book should be out in a few months. Enjoyable reading, and likable characters.

Book #2 - Hannah's List - Debbie Macomber...Macomber continues to be one of my favorite authors. I bought this book (with a coupon) early in May, then found out she was going to be at Sam's here in town signing copies. It was a Wednesday night at 5pm, so obviously I couldn't go. Then when we went to KC that weekend, she was at the Barnes & Noble in Oak Park Mall signing copies. We saw the crowd of people waiting for her, but didn't have time to stay. The kids thought it was quite funny that the majority of people waiting to see her were women my age or …