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Super Bowl 47

is in the books...

wow, what a game! Ravens were pretty much kicking the 49'ers booties until the power went out in the 3rd quarter. Since the announcers were so terrible during the delay, we took to Twitter and laughed our heads off at all the posts.

My favorite commercials were the Budweiser Clydesdale and Dodge "God Made the Farmer" ones...

And after a valiant comeback attempt by San Francisco, the Ravens ending up winning. Congrats!

January books

I read 12 books in January...

1) A Home of Her Own - Brenda Novak - Kindle
2) Stranger in Town - Brenda Novak - Kindle
3) Perfect Fit - Carly Phillips - Kindle
4) Stalked - Allison Brennan - paperback
5) Private: London - James Patterson - hardback
6) Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn - hardback
7) Sage Green - Jill Gregory - Kindle
8) Larkspur Road - Jill Gregory - hardback
9) California Sunset - Casey Dawes - Kindle
10) California Wine - Casey Dawes - Kindle
11) Purple Cow - Seth Godin - hardback
12) The Single Daddy Club: Derrick (book one) - Donna Fasano - Kindle

Several authors new to me this month: Flynn, Gregory, Dawes, Godin and Fasano.

Truly enjoyed both Jill Gregory books.

I had heard a lot about Gone Girl, and when I was able to get the book before Christmas for about $4 from Amazon, I went ahead and ordered it. Wow, what a story! I would highly recommend it, but be prepared for a pretty sick, twisted ride.

Purple Cow was an interesting take on how to look for new and innovative ideas in your job.