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Movie Review

Corby and I went to the Warren yesterday afternoon to see "The Proposal" - the new Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds movie. Also starring was Betty White, one of my all-time favorite comedic actresses (who could forget her on The Golden Girls?).

Bullock plays Margaret, a bitchy New York book editor. Ryan Reynolds plays Andrew, her executive assistant. She frightens all the employees just by walking into the office. Margaret, a Canadian by birth, finds out that her visa has expired and she is going to be deported. She and Andrew concoct a green card marriage so she can stay in New York. Well, Margaret concocts the idea and blackmails Andrew into going along with the idea. Most of the movie revolves around a visit to Andrew's family in Sitka, Alaska (gorgeous scenery) to celebrate his gram's (Betty White) 90's birthday. The movie was really good - lots of funny moments - most of them involving Betty. For 87 years old, she can still out-act a lot of younger folks. I had …

Ed, Farrah and Michael

We lost three entertainers this week, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.
Ed - I loved watching Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, and Ed was the best sidekick. I have many happy memories of skits they performed together, but my favorite was Carnac the Magnificent and how Ed used to crack him up.
Farrah - Yes, I watched Charlie's Angels. Perhaps I wanted to look more like Farrah, Kate or Jaclyn since they were all gorgeous. I remember the flack Farrah got for quitting after the first year, but I think she showed her acting chops in "The Burning Bed."Michael - I remember the early, early years when he was in the Jackson Five. I was always more of an Osmond fan, but Michael was great in his early solo years. Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat could you NOT dance to his music? I wouldn't have wanted to live his life, and we all know his history with young boys, plastic surgery, and perhaps whitening his skin. But I still say he was one of the most talented e…

Happy Birthday Corby!

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband in the world!

We took him to Famous Dave's BBQ for his birthday dinner. I wasn't prepared when they brought him this dish of ice cream with a sparkler in it, so the picture doesn't show the sparker, as it had died out before I got my camera out of my purse. Great meal with great kids and a GREAT husband. I love you hon!


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Corby - our kids are so lucky to have such a great dad! They are sure going to miss his cooking and car knowledge when they head to Manhattan!

It's HOT! HUMID! NASTY! But at least our tomato plants are doing well.Abby & Muffin have been hanging out in strange places...not sure why they were laying on this afghan. They knocked it off a basket under my drafting table.Abby likes to climb behind the blind in the window on the south side of the basement. I rarely open that blind. I've caught her climbing between the slats. Hopefully she won't get stuck and choke herself.

We've been playing the computer / monitor / TV shuffle today. Kaleb built a new computer for school, so we had an extra hard drive. We took the LCD TV out of our bedroom and made it the monitor for my computer - then took my old monitor and put it on Kaleb's old hard drive so Corby will have a computer!!!! Can you believe it? I'm finally getting him into the technology wo…

Busy Week

Had a couple of busy days at work early in the week, and then Wednesday, Kaleb, Kaitlin and I left town at 5:30am to head to K-State for enrollment. It was a LONG day. They met with the whole group at first, then separated the kids from their parents for different sessions. Since I had gone to the parent sessions with Brandon two years ago, I opted to skip them and visit with other parents who were skipping too! After about an hour, they brought everyone together again, then herded the kids off to enroll, leaving us parents in the auditorium to get MORE information. I stayed for a little while, and actually won a grab bag of K-State goodies. They asked if this was your 2nd child to go into engineering at K-State to stand - so I stood. When they asked if it was your 3rd child, I stayed standing - along with one other guy. He actually had put 6 kids through K-State, but this one was his 3rd in the engineering program. So we tied. The tie-breaker was who drove the farthest. Since he came…

Rascal Flatts and more

UPDATED: 6/15/09.

Kaitlin and I headed southeast to Miami, OK on Friday for a Rascal Flatts concert. The trip was nice, through the rolling hills of southeast Kansas to Parsons, then south to Miami. We located our Super 8 motel easily, then we headed off to the concert. The directions on mapquest to Buffalo Run casino were incorrect, so after a short drive in the wrong direction and a stop at a convenience store, we made it. It had rained in Miami that morning. Gates were supposed to open at 5pm, but they didn't have the amphitheater ready because of the muddy grounds. We were in line for 3 1/2 hours, alternating between sitting in our lawn chairs, standing wherever we could find shade, and sitting in the sun. We had premium tickets, so once the gates were open - we made our way through a bunch of line cutters (security tried to keep it orderly and keep them out, with little success) and high-tailed it to the front of the stage. We were sloshing through tons of mud. They had thrown…

Garage Sale - Successful?!?!

The last few days have been pretty stressful and hectic at work. Worked late when I really needed to be home working on garage sale stuff. I was so busy today that I didn't take pictures of the sale, but we had a decent sale, and I made enough to pay off most of the cat's vet bill. YEAH!

Went to the doctor yesterday morning. I've been having numbness in my right foot - since last fall actually. I'd worn the "walking" shoes like I was supposed to, but it never really got better. The last few days I've had tremendous shooting pain in my big toe (right foot) when I go to bed at night. It feels like needles being shoved into my toe. My doctor is sending me to a podiatrist for the numbness, but says I need to have the toenail removed on my big toe. It's had a fungus under it for 2 years or so. When I went to see him last year he told me the medication is so expensive ($800+) and insurance doesn't cover it. He suggested just waiting for the toenail to fa…

Difficult at Best

I'm not normally one to share my political or moral beliefs, but with what happened in Wichita on Sunday - the George Tiller murder - I'm going to share my thoughts.

I am - for the most part - pro choice. I feel a woman should be able to make the choice on abortion. However, I DO NOT think abortion should be used as a means of birth control! That said, the abortions that George Tiller was performing were legal. He was performing a legal service. I know for some of my friends and family, my position is difficult for them to understand. But I think you have to understand - women that are in dire straits - for whatever reason - their pregnancy is a result of rape, their fetus is not viable - are not taking their decision to abort lightly. I know several people - friends, or daughters of friends - who have had to make this terrible decision. I doubt that I, personally, could have an abortion, but I don't feel I have the right to tell other women what they should do. There - my …

Kansas City

We dropped the boys off at Rockfest on Saturday, and Kaitlin and I went shopping at Oak Park Mall. We made it back to the Westin Crown Center, where we were staying.

The boys had fun at Rockfest, but didn't make it to the end of the concert (12+ hours long).Great hotel! The only negative - partiers from Rockfest who were partying all night long on their balconies. We saw the most awesome fireworks show at the end of the concert. The hotel overlooked the Liberty Memorial Park, where the concert was held. Needless to say, we had a wonderful view of the fireworks at the end of the concert.We also overlooked the pool. Kaitlin and I went down Saturday night and hung out at the pool and hot tub. GREAT fun!Sunday we went to the Royals game. Zach Grienke was pitching. His record is 8-1, but he didn't get a decision in this game. He left the game when it was tied 4-4. We left at the end of the 7th inning, and the Royals ended up losing 7-4. Boo hoo. It was toasty warm in our seats, but …