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May 2011

The weather this month has been very strange. A few days of very high temps, including 100 degrees, but mostly cool, windy, and a bit of rain.

Today has been pretty busy. Hubby had to work, so Kaitlin and I went and visited mom, then ran by his work to visit him, since he accidentally left his cell phone at home. We then ran to Target and got some free stuff (I LOVE COUPONS!) and then headed home to pick the hubby up so we could do our grocery shopping. After we got home from Dillons, Kaitlin and Corby headed out for their big father/daughter date - the new Pirates movie in IMAX and dinner at Red Lobster. I've just been hanging with the animals. I'm making them wait until daddy gets home for their treats. Aren't I mean?

Tomorrow we're headed to a home improvement store to get a new thermostat for our A/C. It's finally getting warmer, so we need to get it replaced...

Proud Momma

Brandon graduated yesterday from Kansas State University - with a degree in Computer Engineering. I am so proud of this young man. He's a shy guy, but was determined to go to K-State. His first year he lived in the dorm with his best friend Brady. His second year, he lived in the Jardine Apartments with Brady and another friend he'd made in the dorm, Dom. Then Brady had to leave at semester break, and Dom studied overseas second semester; so Brandon moved back in the dorm, with someone he didn't know. He survived that, and while going to school full time, continued to work at Dillons part-time. Junior year, he lived with the twins and his friend and former roommate, Dom, in a 4 bedroom house off campus. He left Dillons when he got an internship. After Kaitlin decided to come back home, he, Kaleb and Dom rented a 3 bedroom apartment in a house a few blocks from campus for his senior year. So he's moved around a lot over the last 4 years, and still managed to get his com…

Crazy kitties

Crazy kitty cats

April Books

I read 5 books in April:

1) Driftwood Cottage - Sherryl Woods. Another in the Chesapeake Series, this was a good one.
2) Damage - John Lescroart. Lescroart is one of my favorite authors and this was a great suspense novel
3) Secrets to the Grave - Tami Hoag. This is a follow-up to 2009's Deeper Than The Dead. I love that these books are set in the 80's, before DNA and computers helped solve crimes.
4) Here We Go Again - Betty White. I enjoyed reading Betty's story from her childhood through filming of the Golden Girls. It was actually written in 1995, but reissued in October of 2010.
5) 44 Charles Street - Danielle Steel. Steel's books are always easy reads, with something tragic/emotional happening to her characters. I stopped reading her books for a while because they all seemed to be the same book. This was okay, but I think her earlier books are her best.


One can never have too many vacation days!

Yesterday, Abby and Cinnamon enjoyed the sun

while I enjoyed my new Kindle

Yes, Corby got me a Kindle for Mother's Day. Well, Kaitlin actually went out to Target and bought it for me, and I even got it a week early. I've already read one book, and downloaded 6 or 7 free books. Only paid for 1 book so far.