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Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas 2010 at the Maple/Ridge Apartment Clubhouse - and what a great time we had.


Last weekend before Christmas!

I can't believe it is December 19th and Christmas is less than a week away!

I finished my shopping yesterday (Corby is picking up stocking stuffers for me tomorrow since he's off work) and I'm just waiting on one more package from Amazon to arrive so I can wrap gifts. We visited mom, and looked at the Christmas cards she's been receiving. She even got a surprise monetary gift from her uncle, and she was excited about that. I will be taking her shopping after Christmas! We also went to Bath & Body Works, where they were having an AWESOME sale! It was pretty packed, but I didn't have to wait in line very long. We also went to Walmart and picked up a few things. Thankfully the parking wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of crazy drivers out on the roads!

After grocery shopping at Dillons (where Kaitlin and I used our $25 gift cards from work) we did some Christmas baking. We are going to do more on Christmas Eve day, since we'll be off work.

Today is all abo…

No More Tree Skirt

We had to remove our Christmas tree skirt today. Little Miss Abby the Tabby, kept EATING it! We also had to hide the stockings temporarily because she was eating them too. We had them sitting on the table downstairs, waiting to be hung above the fireplace on Christmas Eve. They are now in hiding!

I love this quote...

"I am younger each year at the first snow. When I see it, suddenly, in the air, all little and white and moving; then I am in love again and very young and I believe everything." -- Anne Sexton

KC Weekend

Spent the weekend in KC - well, at least Sat. and part of Sunday. Left early yesterday morning with some friends. We drove two cars. Cindy, her husband, daughter and son-in-law in one car. Corby, Kaitlin and I in the other. We stopped at Great Plains Mall in Olathe first. The outlet mall is about half empty, but we hit Book Warehouse and Bath & Body Works while there. I got mom a really neat book for Christmas - of pets, mostly cats & dogs, but also an occasional rabbit or horse. She loves looking at picture books, so I hope she enjoys its. At Bath & Body Works, I picked up some lotion and body spray of one of my favorite "retired" scents - Pearberry! From there, we went to the JCPenney outlet, picked up a few things there.

Then we were off to Oak Park Mall. Quite an interesting shopping experience, as we saw a shoplifter taken down by security. Strolling the mall, all of a sudden we heard screaming. Looking ahead, we saw a young lady, sprawled on the floor, screa…

Our weekend

We took Brandon's car to him in Manhattan yesterday. Enjoyed spending time with the kids. Kaitlin had gone up on Friday evening to visit her best friend Lydia, so we rode home with her. Kaleb worked 11-3, so we stopped and saw him when we first got to town. Then the kids, Lydia and I walked to Aggieville and did a little shopping. I picked up a Christmas gift, as did Brandon. We took the kids out to an early dinner before heading home.

This morning, we did our normal Saturday errand-running. Went to Target to pick up gifts for the little girl I adopted for Christmas through the Salvation Army Angel Tree. We stopped at Dollar Tree and got some Christmas decorations for mom's room. Then we did our grocery shopping at Dillons. Kaitlin has been studying all afternoon, while I've been doing laundry and paying bills. We watched the Chiefs beat Denver - boring game, but a win is a win.

I'm on vacation tomorrow and again next Monday. Using up my last 2 vacation days of the year.…

November Books

I read 7 books in November:

1) A Chesapeake Shores Christmas - Sherryl Woods
2) Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks
3) Happy Every After - Nora Roberts
4) Capture the Rainbow - Iris Johansen
5) Postcard Killers - James Patterson w/Liza Marklund
6) A Plain & Simple Christmas - Amy Clipston
7) Home at Rose Cottage - Sherryl Woods

I enjoyed all of them, but especially the Nora Roberts book. This was the 4th in the Bride Quartet series. The series features strong, successful women; something we don't see often enough in books!