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Waiting to see if they are going to send Rhonda to a rehab place in Derby. We should know more in the next day or two.

Brandon and his buddy Brady went to the Heights/NW football game tonight. Heights is leading right now.

Conversation w/mom at 3pm today:
MOM: Where are you?
ME: It's Friday, mom. I'm at work. Everything okay? Marilyn should be up tonight and we'll be there tomorrow morning.
MOM: Oh, good (with a happy sound to her voice). It's been a long time since I've seen anyone.
ME: Mom, I was there on Wed. afternoon waiting for the dentist to come.
MOM: Oh yeah.
ME: Mom, we'll see you in the morning.
ME: Love you!
MOM: Love you!


September 28th

Spent most of the afternoon at mom's waiting for the dentist. Her bottom partial is as good as it's going to get. Doesn't make sense to pull the 3 teeth she has on the bottom and get a full denture - at least at this point.

Still waiting to hear from Rhonda. She was supposed to get out of the hospital this afternoon, but when I talked to Marilyn at about 6:45, she still hadn't been released yet. I hope she gets home okay. Terry was going to get her there. Then it's up to her to take care of herself and get stronger.


*Rhonda is hopefully getting out of the hospital tomorrow and going home instead of to rehab. Home health care coming in for a few weeks.

*Spent $325 on my Saturn - on an oxygen sensor!

*Tonight we're watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory! Syndicating that show might not have been a good thing. We're watching it instead of shows premiering this season.

*I love it when Brandon does his laundry. He puts it in the washer & forgets about it. Then he puts it in the dryer and forgets about it. I guess I shouldn't worry about it since he was away at college for 4 years and managed to get it done!

*Dentist coming to Presbyterian Manor tomorrow & will check out mom's bottom partial plate, which is semi-broken. I've tried to explain to her that it means they will probably have to send them off to get fixed, and she'll be back to just a few teeth on the bottom, but she doesn't understand.

*Reading Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins. I love a good trashy novel eve…

Two Days in a Row?

Yes, I'm posting two days in a row...

Rhonda is still in the hospital. No definitive diagnosis yet, but she will likely be in the hospital another few days and then in a rehabilitation location to get her strength back.

I went to see her at lunch, and the "service engine soon" light came on in my car. Of course, nothing is ever easy in my life! I dropped it off at Tracy's Automotive on my way back to work, and it will be tomorrow before they figure out what is wrong. I hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, as I don't have one to spare!

Corby worked out at the Y with Brandon tonight, and signed up for a family membership. I need to start going too, at least starting out with walking and trying to get in a little better shape.

Kaitlin worked until about 5:45, so I rode home from work with her.

Kaleb called tonight. He will be home the weekend of October 15th for a visit. I miss him so much, so I'll be glad to see him.

Trying to survive the week at work, minus my…

Busy, Hectic, Wild Life

I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blog. Facebook and Twitter seem to have taken over my computer time. But I will do my best to post a blog occasionally.

Life has been crazy the last month or so.

Mom's dementia continues to rule her life. She's had some struggles lately, and lost her roommate this past week. She will have a new roommate soon I'm sure, since there is a waiting list for Presbyterian Manor.

Lenore and Daniel were in Wichita September 12-19. Most of the family met at Watermark Books on Saturday morning the 17th, where Daniel read and signed copies of TEACH YOUR BUFFALO TO PLAY DRUMS, his second illustrated children's book (authored by Audrey Vernick). After drawing buffalo's in everyone's book, we headed to Olive Garden for a family birthday lunch, celebrating Lenore, Nick and Marilyn's birthdays. It was Marilyn's 50th! Rhonda wasn't feeling well so didn't get to come (more on that later). We had a wonderful lunch and Len…

Sunday in Manhattan

Spent the day yesterday in Manhattan visiting Kaleb. What a beautiful day! The weather was gorgeous, though it was quite windy. We went shopping at the mall, where Lydia, Kaitlin's best friend, caught up with us. Brandon bought some clothes at Penney's, and I picked up a few things at Bath & Body Works. The girls wanted to shop at the mall some more, so the rest of us went to Target, where we bought Kaleb a new crock pot. He likes to make chili, pot roast and stew, and since the weather is (hopefully) cooling off, it will come in  handy. We ate dinner at Olive Garden before heading home. Here are a couple of pictures I took with my new cell phone at the mall.

August Books

I read 9 books in August:

1) Learning by Karen Kingsbury (oversized paperback)
2) Now You See Her by James Patterson (hardback)
3) Special Delivery by Lia Fairchild (Kindle short)
4) Hollywood Scandals by Gemma Halliday (Kindle)
5) Hollywood Secrets by Gemma Halliday (Kindle)
6) Hollywood Confessions by Gemma Halliday (Kindle)
7) The Silent Girls by Tess Gerritsen (hardback)
8) Escape from The World Trade Center by Leslie Haskin (Kindle short)
9) Hurricanes in Paradise by Denise Hildreth Jones (Kindle)

If you keep up with my reading history, you already know that Kingsbury, Patterson and Gerritsen are some of my favorite authors. Their latest books did not disappoint me.

The Halliday books were pretty good too. If I remember right, I got the first one for free on Amazon, and the second two were a couple bucks each. Worth it!

Haskin's book about 9/11 and her escape from the World Trade Center was hard to read. Though I will never forget that day, those that were actually in the building and su…