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Life Changes

Life changed dramatically for my sister, Rhonda, last week. Having been in the hospital (various locations) since June, she was moved to Good Samaritan Care Center in Dodge City. Unfortunately, no local facilities could handle the care she needs. Our choices were Dodge City or Highland. Highland is about 3.5-4 hours away, northwest of KC; so we opted for Dodge City. Melody and I went for a visit on the 7th, and were impressed with the facility and the staff. It's not new and it's not fancy, but they have everything they need to work with Rhonda on improving her health, both mental and physical. The only negative thing is the distance. She was successfully moved last Thursday, and Marilyn, Kaitlin and I went for a visit on Saturday. She was very tired, as the previous two days were pretty tough. With her mental health, change is hard for her. We're hoping she can settle in, and plan on visiting her in a couple of weeks.