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Rhonda Goes Home

Rhonda was admitted to Via Christi-St. Francis on Saturday, October 6th. After a few days in ICU for bleedings ulcers, and having received 6 units of blood, she was moved to a regular room Tues. night 10/9. She finally went home today. PRAISE THE LORD!

The biggest....

rose ever on our rosebush

September Books

I read 11 books in September, all but one by female authors:

1) Almost Perfect - Susan Mallery (Kindle)
2) Finding Perfect - Susan Mallery (Kindle)
3) Only Mine - Susan Mallery (Kindle)
4) Only Yours - Susan Mallery (Kindle)
5) Only His - Susan Mallery (Kindle)
6) Summer Days - Susan Mallery (paperback)
7) Summer Nights - Susan Mallery (paperback)
8) All Summer Long - Susan Mallery (paperback)
9) Trust Your Eyes - Linwood Barclay (Kindle)
10) Emergency: Wife Lost & Found - Carol Marinelli (Kindle)
11) Nightingale Way - Emily March (hardback)

As you can see, I was on a roll with Mallery's books. Read the first book in the Fool's Gold series, Chasing Perfect, last month, and went right on through the next 8 books! Loved the series and have found a new author that I really like.

LOVED Trust Your Eyes. Barclay is one of my favorite authors. Wish he would write more books!

Didn't care much for the book by Marinelli, but it was free on Amazon, so at least I didn't spend …


Do you suppose Muffin wanted me to wash her with the load of blankies?

Rhonda still in ICU

Rhonda is still in ICU. Hemoglobin not where it should be, and she may have to have another blood transfusion. Hope things improve soon!

I'm on vacation until Thursday. I went shopping this morning & then went to visit Rhonda at St. Francis. Picked Kaitlin up from WSU and met Brandon for lunch at Emperor's Grill - great food! Took Kaitlin back to classes and came home and crashed.

Tomorrow - off to renew my driver's license. I think I'm going to go to Newton. Hopefully there won't be a long line!

Wild Day

It's been a long and wild day...

Went to Target and Dillons this morning, and then went over to Brandon's to watch the K-State/KU football game. (K-State won 56-16-YAY!). Had to leave at  halftime because Mikey was outside and it was starting to rain...

Got a call from Marilyn, that Rhonda wasn't feeling well, and hadn't been well in several days. When she got over to her apartment, she call 911, as she was throwing up and passing blood. After a long day spent in the ER and MICU, they are giving Rhonda blood transfusions and stabilizing her so they can do a GI scope and colonoscopy tomorrow. It could be an ulcer or diverticulitis. They will put her out to do the tests because she would not let them put a tube down her nose today. Prayers are requested.

Oh, and Mikey has been very ornery lately. After eating 2 bagels last Sunday, he ate a loaf of bread last night while I was out for girls night at Margarita's with Melody, and Corby & Kaitlin ran to Walmart. Bad dog…