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Yes, Mikey is spoiled

Mikey is definitely spoiled.

Kaitlin is dog/house sitting for her uncle this weekend, so Corby is going to have to entertain Mikey!


It's been over a week since I posted a blog excuses, just lazy I guess!

We enjoyed last weekend. Went over to my sister's to help her with some computer issues, ran the kids to Chick-Fil-A (don't understand the fascination with their food!), ran to Kohl's so Kaitlin could try to find a backpack for school (she didn't) and then did our grocery shopping at Dillons - all of this in some glorious rain which we so desperately needed!

Corby, Kaitlin and I went to Abuelo's for an early dinner after our busy day. It's one of my favorite places to eat, and they had some new things on the menu, so we had a good dinner.

Sunday, Kaitlin and I went to Target to pick up a few things. I bought some birthday cards for upcoming family birthdays and a few other non-necessities. HA!

My big purchase on Sunday was a Samsung Galaxy tablet from Amazon. I only got the 7" one. Decided I didn't need to spend the money on the bigger one. I let Kaitlin order it for me …

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy day...

Kaitlin went to work for a few hours, so Corby, Brandon and I went to see my brother, Mike, and see if Corby could figure out why his truck was over-heating. After looking everything over, Corby determined that the radiator probably needed flushed, as it was full of dirt and sludge. He also told Mike that he needed oil and a new air filter. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

We went on over to Sam's, and picked up a few things that we needed. They were pretty busy, but we got in and out of there in a reasonable amount of time.

Since Brandon is hoping to move out soon, we headed over to Slumberland for a look at their furniture. Kaitlin met us there. He found a pretty nice couch for $799, but today was the last day of the sale. Since he hasn't settled on an apartment yet, he had nowhere to store it. Putting it in our garage for a week or longer is probably not a good thing as Sugar would probably use it/tear it up!

Made a quick stop at Target and then headed …

Make The Bed? Or Not Make the Bed?

I shared a bedroom with my sisters growing up. First, with both sisters, Rhonda & Marilyn, when we lived on S. Main. Then with my sister Rhonda when we moved out to Tyler Rd. We were never good about making our bed(s)...even though mom tried.

As an adult, I've never been one to make my bed. Just can't understand why you go to the trouble of making it when you're going to jump in it at night anyway.

My hubby has tried, more than once over the years, to get me to change my mind; but I keep resisting. If he's off work, he makes the bed - I'm the last one to get up in the morning so he can't make it with me in it! If I'm off work, it goes unmade.

He tried to make a point over the weekend...

Made the bed with a bit of a decoration...

but it still doesn't change my mind. I just don't get the point of making the bed!

Great Weekend!

Kaleb is home for the weekend. Classes start at K-State week after next, so it's good to get to see him before the craziness of college begins again. Kaitlin starts classes at WSU on Monday the 20th...

Saturday morning Kaitlin and I went out to Super Car Guys so she could finally sign paperwork on her new Isuzu Ascender. They had to take the car out to Suzuki to fix the headlights - it just needed a new relay. Thankfully they gave her a loaner car to drive, since they picked the Isuzu up on Wed. and she didn't get it back until Friday afternoon! There are still of couple of things they need to fix on the interior, so she has to make an appt. to take it back out there.

The boys met us at When Pigs Fly. We got lunch to go and went to Rhonda's for lunch. Corby had to work, so he missed out on the good lunch. We originally planned on going out for dinner, but our lunch was so filling we opted to stay in. We all went to the grocery store, where I bought Kaleb a few groceries to t…

Vasovagal syncope

I finally read the paperwork that St. Francis gave us Saturday night (actually early Sun. am) about Corby's fainting spell. He's done this about 4 or 5 times over the last 20 years, so I really want to learn more about it.

It is called Vasovagal syncope. It can occur in healthy people when a "shock" is experienced - such as the sight of blood, distressing news, or extreme pain. Fainting is caused by not enough blood flow to the brain. The episodes in the past seemed to be caused by pain.

We know this episode wasn't caused by low blood sugar because EMS tested it. It can also be caused by medication. Since he has lost almost 60 pounds in the last year, I am wondering if his blood pressure dose needs to be lowered, or discontinued completely. He also takes high cholesterol medication and his last cholesterol test was great.

The only thing they really found was that his potassium level was a bit low at 3.0. Normal is 3.5. They gave him a prescription for potassium pill…

July books

I read 12 books in July:

1) Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor (Kindle)
2) Midnight Promises by Sherryl Woods (Kindle)
3) Gamble on Engagement by Rachel Astor (Kindle)
4) The Wedding Wager by Rachel Astor (Kindle)
5) Snatched (A Novella) by Karin Slaughter (Kindle)
6) Hot Number by Carly Phillips (paperback)
7) Hot Stuff by Carly Phillips (paperback)
8) Criminal by Karin Slaughter (hardback)
9) Hot Lists by Carly Phillips (Kindle)
10) Black Diamond Death by Cheryl Bradshaw (Kindle)
11) Sinnerman by Cheryl Bradshaw (Kindle)
12) I Have A Secret by Cheryl Bradshaw (Kindle)

Enjoyed the books by authors new to me - Astor and Bradshaw, and truly enjoyed the series by Carly Phillips. She's one of my "new" favorite authors and I have about a dozen more of her books to read. Slaughter, as usual, is amazing - one of the best suspense authors out there!

Now it's on to August!

One Busy (and scary) Weekend!

Another busy weekend...

Saturday started with a trip to Super Car Guys to try to find Kaitlin a used car. After almost 3 hrs spent there, she walked out with a 2006 Isuzu Ascender SUV. (more on that later)...

From there the family split up a bit. Corby & Brandon went to Dillons to do our grocery shopping, while Kaitlin and I met my BFF/sista Melody to get pedicures. It was Kaitlin's first, and though she was a bit nervous, I think she enjoyed it! We had a wonderful visit and as usual, I enjoyed the massage chair!

Kaitlin and I went home for about an hour, and then we all left to meet Melody and her brother, Woody, at Luciano's in Mulvane for dinner. We had never been there before, but had heard good things about it.

My overall impression? Very good food, but pricey! Melody, Woody & Corby had some wine with the meal, while I had a couple of Italian margaritas. Yummy!

We then tried our hands at the slots at Kansas Star Casino. After losing $40, I decided to go for a 25 cent m…

Time Off?

Looking forward to a 4 day weekend! YAY!

Advertising got pretty silly today. One of the salespeople came to me to see if I had any tootsie rolls. They were celebrating a co-worker's birthday. Can you see why they needed the tootsie rolls?

My younger brother, who has been unemployed for almost 2 yrs, got a job this week. He's just waiting for his background check to clear and should start late next week. YAY!

I'll be posting my July books sometime in the next few days...



Thank God it's Wednesday!

It's been a busy week! Looking forward to a FUN day on Saturday. Going used car shopping w/my daughter and getting a pedicure with my BFF. Then we're headed to Mulvane for dinner and on to the Kansas Star Casino for some slots. Hope we win!!!!