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Corby's New Buzz

Corby has been thinking about shaving his head for a while now. He went to my hairstylist on Thursday, and got a #1 buzz cut. That's a prelude for shaving it completely, which he may do soon. I think he wanted to see how his head was shaped before deciding for sure...

I think it looks great, but I'm not really keen on him shaving it all the way because he won't keep it shaved. That's if how often he shaves his face is any indication!

And one last note...he really looks like his late step-father Charles. I know they weren't blood relatives, but they did look a lot alike. And Charles was more of a father to him than his own dad.

Great CD recommendation

I've been a Blake Shelton fan for a long time. I saw him 4 or 5 years ago when Kaitlin took me to a Rascal Flatts concert and he was the opening act. I bought his new CD today - Red River Blue. It's really a good CD. Haven't picked a favorite song yet, as I've only listened to it THREE times! But it's a fun CD, right mix of ballads and good ol' songs! And let's face it ladies, he's a long, tall, cool drink of water (Kansas talk for a hunk!)

Vacation Monday

Got quite a bit done today. Started the day by going to Book-A-Holic, the used bookstore. They had a 20% off coupon in yesterday's paper. Bought a dozen books for $30! Most of them were by Stuart Woods, one of my new favorite authors. Most of those featured Stone Barrington, who is the main character in the two Woods books I've read. Came home and got busy on laundry. Since Saturday was busy w/car shopping with Brandon, and I went to a movie with the kids yesterday, I didn't get laundry done. Tomorrow is ALL FOR ME! No clue yet what I will do. More than likely I will hibernate from the 100+ temps that we've having!

Shopping for a car in 108 degree heat!

We went car shopping w/Brandon today. He had to get something, since his car was totaled 2 weeks ago in an accident (not his fault). We went to Enterprise used cars first, and found a couple of cars that would work. But they were over a year old, with 30-40,000 miles on them, so we headed to East Wichita and the Suzuki dealership to check out their new cars. About 2 hours later, Brandon came out with a brand new 2011 Suzuki SX4 sedan. Very nice car, nice price. They gave him a discount for being a new college graduate, and because I work at the Eagle. Sometimes it comes in handy to have put in almost 35 years in your job.

June Books

I read 11 books in June, and all of them were on my Kindle:

1) 10th Anniversary - James Patterson
2) Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon
3) New York Dead - Stuart Woods
4) Freaks (short story) - Tess Gerritsen
5) Just Perfect (Perfect Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon
6) Too Perfect (Perfect Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon
7) Beach Lane - Sherryl Woods
8) Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope - Mary Beth Chapman
9) Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon
10) Lead Me On (Pearl Island Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon
11) Don't Tempt Me (Pearl Island Trilogy) - Julie Ortolon

I enjoyed all 11 books. Several of Ortolon's books were free on Amazon, and I was able to buy the others for $2.99 ea.

I also got Chapman's autobiography for only $2.99. For those of you who don't know, Mary Beth is the wife of Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman. 

This is the story of their meeting and marrying, and the heartbreak of losing their 5 year old daughter in 2008 in a terrible accide…

Brandon and his wreck

Brandon had a wreck on Friday, June 24 on his way to work. He was heading south on Webb Rd. when a lady heading north on Webb turned directly in front of him onto 29th St. N. The light was green and Brandon had the right of way. The air bags exploded and his car wasn't drivable. I was just pulling into the parking lot at work when he called me, so I headed that direction, calling Corby and AAA on the way. The woman who hit Brandon got a ticket (thank goodness), so once all the paperwork was done, we had AAA tow the car back to our house. It's totaled, and he should be getting a check this week from her insurance company.

Now he's thinking about getting a new car, but we'll just have to wait and see what he can afford. I think he's going to miss that little Toyota Corolla - it was a good car for him! He bought it the summer after he graduated from Heights, so he had it for 4 years.