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House painting to begin

Loved the colors I picked out. The first ones. Didn't have to change either color.

They power-washed the house tonight & will start painting tomorrow. It's becoming reality! This is the first big-update we've done of the house since we moved here in May of 2000. Yay!

Pictures to come...


The new siding is finally complete. They hauled off the dumpster today, and are going to paint our "test" colors tomorrow. Anxious to see if I like what I picked out. If not, we can change it.

Our dear, dear friends and neighbors, Paul and Tokeah, are moving to Rochester, New York. Tokeah got a great promotion with Cargill. I am so excited for them, but also, so sad to lose our best neighbors! July 4th will never be the same without them.

Monday, Crazy Monday!

Another wild day at explanation necessary.

Got home around 5:30 & they have started putting our new siding up, at least on the north side of the house. Waiting to hear from our contractor about the guy who is going to treat our termites, and the guy who is going to "build" our new front door. Excited about the changes going on. Maybe we'll see some big progress by this weekend!

The weekend?

What a crazy week at work...enough said.

They started working on the new siding on our house on Wednesday.

Lots of craziness going on. Big dumpster on the driveway, and lots of trash going into it. They were out here at 7am this morning. We left around 11:30 for our Saturday running, and they were gone by the time we got home around 3:15. I met Melody and Diane for pedicures (FUN!) and then we went to Target and Dillons before heading home. Had tacos/taco salad for dinner and now we're watching the Royals, who are tied at 5 against the Detroit Tigers. GO ROYALS!

Back to work

Back to work today after a week of furlough (furcation).

Talked to our sister-in-law Debbie tonight about some of Corby's family members. Can't post the conversation here!

Hope is on vacation until Wednesday, so it's me against the world at work. All is fine though.

Royals are ahead 2-0 right now. They are kicking some booty over the last month or so. GO ROYALS!

Just another Saturday

Corby & Kaitlin had a great time at the Rascal Flatts/The Band Perry concert last night. They enjoyed their 5th row seats!

Woke up early this morning, so while Corby took Mikey for a walk, I watched an episode of NCIS. I'm about mid-way through season 7 now! I need to get through season 10 before season 11 starts in late September!

Kaitlin originally planned to work today, but decided she'd rather go to breakfast and shopping with us. After breakfast at Cracker Barrel we got gas at QT and headed down to the Eagle so she could grab her work and bring it home. We went to Home Depot so I could get some paint swatches and decide on the colors for our new siding. Then we went to Target and Dillons.

Corby is mowing the yard. With 15" of rain in the last few weeks, it's been hard to find a time where the yard is dry enough to mow. Kaitlin mowed the front on Tuesday, but we still had a lot of standing water in the back yard, so she was unable to mow it.

I finished Daddy's…


My last day of furcation...darn it, it sure flew by!

* Slept in
* Stopped at the liquor store my younger sister manages & picked up some goodies
* Took my older sister lunch from When Pigs Fly
* Home again so the cable technician could come and fix/set up our new HD boxes. Old one went out on Tuesday and it's been a hassle trying to get things taken care of. Let's say the Cox customer service sucks!
* Cable guy got everything going, and even enjoyed Mikey. At one point he was in Kaitlin's room working on her HD box and Mikey curled up next to him.
* Took Corby down to the Eagle to meet up with Kaitlin so they could go to eat and then to the Rascal Flatts/The Band Perry concert.
* Back home to a very quiet, peaceful evening. No TV yet, though I may turn on the Royals soon. They've been playing some kick-ass baseball the last few weeks.
* 14 yr old boy missing in the Big Ditch. After all the rain the rivers & ditch are swollen and unfortunately some teenagers were swimmi…

3 Months Worth of Blogging????

Darn it, as much as I want to keep up with this blog, it's hard. Working full time, reading, Facebook, Twitter, life. I guess blogging takes a back seat.

Anyway, I've read quite a bit over the last 3 here goes:

MAY 2013 books:
Don't Go - Lisa Scottoline (Kindle)
Fly Away - Kristin Hannah (Kindle)
Sea Glass Island - Sherryl Woods (Kindle)
Wind Chime Point - Sherryl Woods (Kindle)
Not Quite Dating - Catherine Bybee (Kindle)
Taking Eve - Iris Johansen (Hardback)
Not Quite Mine - Catherine Bybee (Kindle)
Born to be Wilde - Janelle Denison (Kindle)
Savin' Me - Alannah Lynne (Kindle)

JUNE 2013 books:
Drive Me Crazy - Marquita Valentine (Kindle)
Just One Kiss- Susan Mallery (Kindle)
Four to Score - Janet Evanovich (paperback)
Angel Baby - Leslie Kelly (Kindle)
Home to Whiskey Creek - Brenda Novak (Kindle)
12th of Never - James Patterson (hardback)
Starting Now - Debbie Macomber (hardback)
Two of a Kind - Susan Mallery (Kindle)

JULY 2013 books:
Stolen - Allison Brennan (Kindle)
Hot Six -…