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Bad Start to February

Mom fell ill early on Wednesday, February 1st. She was admitted to St. Francis Hospital with a serious UTI (urinary tract infection) that turned into sepsis (blood poisoning). She was extremely sick and after tests determined that the infection had reached her heart valves, she was sent to the LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) at Pawnee and Rock Road where they could provide and monitor the long-term IV antibiotic that she needs. She will be there until approximately March 18, assuming she gets better. At this point, she seems to have given up. She's not eating much, and sleeps the majority of the time. We're hoping that as the infection clears up she will get better, but it's in God's hands right now.

Then Friday, March 17, Mike was admitted to St. Francis Hospital (yes, I'm getting sick of that place!) He had fluid on his stomach, and originally went in for outpatient surgery to drain the fluid. They admitted him due to some kidney problems. Yesterday he was told he cou…