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A Man and His Dog

Techically, Mikey is Kaitlin's dog. She bought him from the Humane Society, pays for his vet bills (mostly) and buys his food. He loves her, but he adores Corby. Because Corby gets home from work before Kaitlin gets home from work and/or school, he usually takes him on his daily walk. On the weekends, he knows we're in and out, and he expects his walk first thing in the morning. Today, he was so fully of energy that he was barking at Corby before we even got out of bed. Only because Corby let him back in the house around 8am. He's a really good dog, though occasionally he does get into the trash can and string trash throughout the house. But that is rare, and usually when we do something stupid like leave scraps or something in the trash we know he would like. He's a great watch dog too. He warns us if anyone is near the house. Pity the poor person who would try to break into our house!

Fun kitteh pics

What a weekend...

Corby had another fainting spell about 1am Saturday morning. He wasn't feeling well and got up to throw up in the bathroom. As I was getting up to follow him he went down. I hollered for Kaitlin while grabbing a wet washrag to put on his face. He was only out for maybe 20-30 seconds when he came to. Kaitlin was on the phone to 911 and hung up before they answered. Of course, they called right back to make sure everything was okay. After he got sick in the toilet and rested in the rocking chair for about 30 minutes, he seemed better, so I got him back to bed. However, he didn't feel well all day, so we made him stay in the rocker or laying on the couch all day. I am not sure whether he had a stomach bug, or whether he ate some bad queso for dinner. We had the queso on Monday night (New Year's Eve) and I had told him on Thursday night that we should probably throw it away, but of course, he went ahead and ate it on Friday night before I got home from work. Hoping it was more…

2012 Books

I read 109 books in 2012...

* 100 by female authors
* 9 by male authors

Most read male author: James Patterson - 5 books Second: Michael Palmer - 2 books
Most read female author: Susan Mallery - 11 books Second: Carly Phillips - 8 books
Most popular female authors after the top 2:
Emily March - 6 books Brenda Novak - 6 books
Robyn Carr - 5 books
Nora Roberts - 4 books JoAnn Ross - 4 books
Sheryyl Woods - 3 books
Kristin Hannah - 2 books Iris Johansen - 2 books Karin Slaughter - 2 books
Mallery and Phillips are long-time authors that I just started reading this year, that's why I read so many of their books.

You can tell by my most-read authors this year that I spent a lot of time reading romance books. It's not usually a genre that I focus on THAT much, but for some reason, these books spoke to me this year. Perhaps because I just celebrated my 25th anniversary and romance is always good?

Of course, you can't put Johansen or Slaughter in the romance category. Suspense and drama all the way w…