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Father's Day 2011

Corby loved mom's panda pillow pet (a Mother's Day gift to her from my oldest brother & his wife), so Brandon got Corby a pink pig pillow pet. He's a sucker for cute stuffed animals!

Kaitlin got him some a screwdriver set, sorely needed.

His Father's Day birthday gift from me was a new grill. He finally found one, after looking for over a month! He and Kaitlin put it together yesterday, until they got near the end and realized the burners were missing. A phone call to Lowe's management today solved the problem. They took a set out of another box for him. So they finished putting it together today and he grilled dinner for us tonight. Yes, for some strange reason, he likes to cook his own Father's Day dinner! He grilled pork chops, and made risotto and rolls. Yummy dinner!

Kaleb called him from Manhattan so I think he had a good Father's Day.

Kaleb will be home next Friday to celebrate a friend's birthday, and then we're headed to KC for the weekend…

The Kindle

I resisted getting a Kindle for a lot of reasons. Mainly it's because I love holding a book in my hands, turning pages as I read. I love the smell of a new hardback or paperback, or even used books. But when my daughter bought a Kindle, and I saw how convenient it was, I begged for one for Mother's Day and got one! I'm definitely not regretting it. I love downloading free or almost free books from Amazon. I love pulling it out of my purse and reading just about anywhere: doctor's office, while stopped for a train, on my lunch hour, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm still reading paperbacks and hardbacks, but having a Kindle makes reading much more flexible!

Ducks, Turtles, etc.

We had to take Cinnamon in today for her annual "shave" at Petsmart. We went to breakfast at IHOP, and when we left, this is what we saw...

Momma duck and her babies were so cute.

We went to some garage sales in the Kechi city-wide sales, and on our way there we saw a huge snapping turtle running through someone's yard. After seeing a cute squirrel on our way to Kechi, we also saw some ducks when we visited mom. It was definitely an "animal-tastic" day!

May 2011 Books

I read 11 books this month. That's more than I've read in a long time. It's so easy to read on the Kindle. I carry it with me everywhere and read whenever I have a few minutes...

My list:
1) Sheltering Hearts - Robyn Carr (paperback)
2) A Turn in the Road - Debbie Macomber (Kindle)
3) Baby Bonanza - Maurieen Child (Kindle)
4) Eve - Iris Johansen (hardback)
5) Chasing The Night - Iris Johansen (hardback)
6) SEALed with a Kiss - Mary Daughtridge (Kindle)
7) Stuck in the Middle - Virginia Smith (Kindle)
8) Between a Heart & a Rock Place - Pat Benatar (hardback)
9) Age Before Beauty - Virginia Smith (Kindle)
10) Third Time's a Charm - Virginia Smith (Kindle)
11) Night Road - Kristin Hannah (Kindle)

Carr, Macomber, Johansen and Hannah are some of my favorite authors. I should have read Chasing the Night before Eve, as these are Johansen's Eve Duncan books that I read out of order, but it didn't hurt either story. Night Road is one of Hannah's finest books, but it is a to…

I promise...

to do better writing this blog. Somehow the days just get away from me. Perhaps it's because I have three huge projects going on at work, as well as all my regular duties. Perhaps it's because the last month has been pretty busy, with a trip to Omaha for Brandon's interview, graduation, Mother's Day, Brandon's birthday, etc.

We actually celebrated Mother's Day, birthdays for Michelle, Brandon and Rhonda, and Brandon's graduation last weekend. We met on Sunday (glad it was Memorial Day weekend!) at our house.

Family who attended: Rhonda, Mom, Marilyn, Mike, Terry, Sandy, Michelle, Nick
Friends who attended: Melody and her friends Marge & Richard, Paul, Alex & Jansen; Brandon's friend Brady and neighbors Tom and Tiffany. Diane and her boyfriend also stopped by. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but I did get a few:

Nick in our K-State chair. Had to get this picture since he's a huge KU fan.
Brandon with his graduation cake...

We had a great tim…