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The Trophy Child

Karen Bloom and her doctor husband, Noel, are parents to a blended family: Noel has a daughter, Verity, from his first marriage. Karen has a son, Ewan, whose father she won't identify. Together, they have a daughter, Bronte. Each of them are hiding secrets. Noel abuses alcohol and sleeps around on his wife. Karen is one of those overbearing moms who pushes Bronte to do more and more. Early in the book, Bronte disappears for 24 hours. Where did she go? Was she kidnapped? She returns home, but keeps silent about what happened..Verity had a violent incident with her stepmother so she is in counseling. Last, but not least, is Ewan, who abuses drugs. When there is a murder, everyone is a suspect.

This book highlights what can happen when parents are pushing their children too hard. Thought provoking.