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Birthday weekend

Celebrated birthdays yesterday afternoon at Cheddar's. It sure feels strange to get together without mom...MISS YOU MOMMA!

We celebrated 3 birthdays: Daniel, whose birthday was April 13; Michelle, whose birthday was April 15, and Lenore, who will celebrate hers on May 31st. But since she and Daniel will be back in Germany by then, we wanted to celebrate it now.

We had to wait for about an hour for tables, but then enjoyed our get-together. Brandon and Kaitlin had to leave around 4pm to go to the Thunder playoff game (they lost, 2 in a row to start the series)...

Rhonda called me later last night and her car broke down when Marilyn went to do her grocery shopping. Her battery was bad. Mike went over to Dillons to jump the car so she could get back to Rhonda's, but then it died again. Corby went over after work tonight and put a new battery in it.

I enjoyed my day off immensely today. The next 4 weeks are brutal with this project at work!


Finally managed to plant some flowers yesterday...

Monday Blues


what would we do without them?

Not sure, but I survived another one.

My assistant was off today, so I had a pretty busy day. Didn't get down to the "war room" to work on the project until about 2:30 today, so I didn't get much done.

I think the days are going to get much longer from here on out.

January, February and March Books

1) Hidden Summit - Robyn Carr (Kindle)
2) Return of the Runaway Bride - Donna Fasano (Kindle)
3) The Witness - Dee Henderson (Kindle)
4) Three Girls and a Baby - Rachel Schurig (Kindle)
5) The Homecoming - JoAnn Ross (Kindle)
6) Marriage by Mistake - Alyssa Kress (Kindle)

1) Private #1 Suspect - James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (hardback)
2) Hotel Vendomme - Danielle Steel (hardback)
3) A Matter of Trust - Elaine Dyer (Kindle)
4) Three Moons over Sedona - Sherry Hartzler (Kindle)
5) The Boyfriend Bylaws - Susan Hatler (Kindle short)
6) The Summer Garden - Sherryl Woods (Kindle)
7) Angel's Rest - Emily March (Kindle)

1) Redwood Bend - Robyn Carr (Kindle)
2) Hummingbird Lake - Emily March (Kindle)
3) At Last - Julie Ortolon (Kindle)
4) Heartache Falls - Emily March (Kindle)
5) Nanny Behaving Badly - Judy Jarvie (Kindle)
6) Mistletoe Mine - Emily March (Kindle)
7) Lover's Leap - Emily March (Kindle)
8) Home Front - Kristin Hannah (hardback)
9) Catch Me - Li…


I've done a terrible job with my blog this year. Life has been crazy. Two trips to Florida for a huge project at work and mom's illness and subsequent death have zapped my strength. But through it all I have my hubby, kids and siblings standing by my side. I will persevere and I promise to do a better job with posting! Coming next...the books I've read so far in 2012.