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CINNAMON NOV. 2003 TO AUG. 22, 2011

Crazy Cats

Abby loves boxes...

Muffin loves boxes...

Abby doesn't like Muffin in HER box...

The Ultimate Keith

Keith Urban is the ultimate country entertainer! Saw him last night at Intrust, and my exhaustion today proves how awesome the concert was!!!!


I was surprised Monday afternoon (and it takes a lot to surprise me). The front counter at work called and said I had a visitor. I wasn't expecting anyone, but there are several friends who could have shown up unexpectedly. Lo and behold, it was Kaleb. I had talked to him on Sunday night and he didn't say anything about coming home for a few days, so I was truly surprised. We had a good time while he was home, and he headed back to Manhattan today. I miss that young man!

College Graduate!

It's official! Brandon is a college graduate!

July Books

I'm doing a lousy job of keeping up with this blog. I swore that Facebook and Twitter would not make me forget my blog, but it appears they have.

Anyway, here are the books I read in July:

1) Dear Cupid - Julie Ortolon (Kindle)
2) Dirt - Stuart Woods (Kindle)
3) The Backup Plan - Sherryl Woods (Kindle)
4) A Stolen Life - Jaycee Dugard (Kindle)
5) Life's a Beach (novella) - Malena Lott (Kindle)
6) Quinn - Iris Johansen (Kindle)
7) Looking for Trouble - Erin Kern (Kindle)
8) Fallen - Karin Slaughter (Hardback)

Ortolon and Woods are some of my favorite authors. Stuart Woods is one of my "new" finds, and I purchased a bunch of his books at a used bookstore in July. Jaycee Dugard's book was really hard to read, but she is an amazing young woman! Johansen continues to amaze me with her Eve Duncan series. Kern's book was a freebie from Kindle and I enjoyed it. Slaughter is one of the best suspense novelists out there. I will continue to read anything she writes!