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Brandon got a job at Dillons in Manhattan today! He called me this morning to tell me they had called and set up an interview at 4:45 this afternoon (he had a 3:30 class). He needed his Social Security Card, which I had neglected to give him (I've always kept them so the kids wouldn't lose them). I came home at lunch, scanned it, and e-mailed it to him for proof; then took it back to work with me and "over-nighted" it to him! Anyway, he called me about 5:30 to tell me he got the job - as a stocker. He has to go to orientation at noon on Sunday, and then go in Monday at 8:30am for computer training. Needless to say, he won't be coming home this weekend, so we are going to go up for the day on Sunday. His orientation will only last an hour or so, and we'll find something to do while he is there. Brady's folks are going up to get him and bring him home for the weekend. Anyway, Brandon is very excited to get a job - he said he's been a bit bored. He was u…

He Made Me CRY!

This young man made me cry tonight (by the way, this picture is from this past Christmas!). He sent me a song called "THANK YOU" by the alternative rock band HELLYEAH, and the lyrics made me cry...His e-mail said:
You have a very special place in my heart. That will never change. I can't express that very well in words but this song does the best at saying everything that is in my heart. the lyrics are:

So many things,
I didn't say,
Is it too late now that you've gone away?
So many words,
So many ways,
If you can hear me now, there's something I gotta say.

Just one more talk,
Just one more turn,
If one's too much then...

I just want to say,
Thank you,
For everything,
You've ever done for me,
(done for me)
I just want to say,
Thank you,
For all the things,
For saving me,
(Saving me)

So many times,
So many days,
You helped me through,
Walked me through the rain,
So many tears,
Have washed away,
If you can hear my voice,
There's something I have to say...

Just one more ta…

I-POD Mania!

I've been putting more CD's on my I-POD. It's amazing how many songs one of those things can hold. I've got tons of CD's on there, and it's not even half full! I wonder if other people have as much variety as I have - I've got everything from Donny Osmond, Barry Manilow and the Monkees, to Five for Fighting, the Beach Boys, the Eagles, Rascal Flatts, Daughtry, Michael W. Smith, etc. - Contemporary Christian, 70's Rock, Motown, Pop, Country...I don't have any Latin, Rap (YUCK!!!!) or today's R&B. Right now I've got it on "shuffle" and I'm listening to Leavin' On A Jet Plane by Peter, Paul & Mary!

I just talked to Brandon. He's been busy applying for jobs, but so far, no luck. He's got his first semester paid for, but really needs to work to save some money for second semester. He's had to buy some things needed for his classes, and that cost about $50! College is a never-ending money drain - hey - sounds l…


I've been so focused on Brandon's new life at college that I neglected to mention that Kaleb and Kaitlin started school last week! JUNIORS! BOO HOO! I have ALWAYS taken a picture of the kids on their first day of school, though it's getting harder and harder to get them to cooperate. Here is this year's picture...They haven't done much at school yet, but so far seem to be liking their teachers. Kaleb is taking photography, which is not something he's ever been interested in. He had to take an "arts" class, so this is what he chose. He is really liking it! Maybe he can teach me something! Kaitlin has her hands full with some tough classes: anatomy, chemistry and calculus. She loves the challenge! Kaleb has some tough classes too - he's also taking chemistry and calculus.

It's been a busy week at work. It's budget time, and that's always fun (NOT!)...I've been waiting all week for information from news about extra space they'll n…

Life Without Brandon

Even though I miss Brandon terribly, it gets a bit easier with each day. Of course, I talked to him Sunday and Monday. I told him last night that I wouldn't call him for a few days unless something came up. He was online a while ago playing video games with Kaleb. He told Kaleb that the food is good, and the girls in his dorm (separate wing) are cute! HA! Here's a picture of Brandon and Brady the afternoon we moved them in. They were just a tad sweaty!Corby and I are carpooling this week. We can only carpool every other week, when I don't have to stay late to paginate classified.

I made a doctor's appointment for Kaleb tomorrow. He's been having bloody noses fairly regularly, and I want to have his blood pressure checked. Corby's family has notoriously high blood pressure, and he had to take medicine for a while in his teens. I'm hoping it turns out to be something with his sinuses.

Woo hoo...Brandon just called! Okay, so he wanted to talk to Kaleb about a pr…

My Baby is Gone!

Brandon is now a Wildcat! We had fun the last few days! We took him out on Wednesday night to El Rodeo for dinner. He picked the restaurant. Had a great time - the pitcher of margarita's helped! I took yesterday off, and took Brandon to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. He got his favorite breakfast platter and I got my favorite Pecan Pancakes! Here's Corby & Brandon at El Rodeo...

We also went to see mom - Brandon's last visit with her for a while.

When we got home, he got busy packing all his electronic stuff. I washed his comforter, and finished his packing. When the twins got home from school, Kaleb helped us load the cars while Kaitlin headed off to work. Look at this pile...

Corby got off work a little early, and we headed out, with a stop for a quick bite at Taco Bell. Several hours (and one pit stop) later, we made it to Manhattan. We had good directions to find Brady's uncle's house, so we had no trouble finding it, though it was getting dark by then. We got …

The Countdown is On

The countdown is on. We leave Fri. evening to take Brandon to K-State. He is rooming with one of his best friends - Brady Randall. Brady's aunt & uncle live in Manhattan, and they are graciously opening up their home for us all to invade Friday night! That will make it easier for us to get to the dorms at a decent time Sat. morning and hopefully beat some of the crowd! We have spent the last week or so getting shopping done, not only for Brandon's move to college, but the start of school this Wednesday for the twins. I've been writing notes and making lists, and even dreaming (the last 2 nights) about this move to Manhattan for Brandon! Separation anxiety? You bet! Brandon and I have always been close, and this move is going to be hard. But he is SO ready for it! I asked him the other day if he was nervous, and he said "no way". Then I said he must really be ready for this next journey in his life, and he said "yes, I am!" So, I will let my baby fly…

Restful Day

FINALLY - a restful day! Well - except for doing laundry, moving some furniture around and paying bills! We put mom's dining room table upstairs in the kitchen, and moved our set down to the den. We sold our little round table that we had downstairs since we knew we were getting mom's table. Now we'll have more seating when we entertain.

Don't you just love these two stamp sets? That's something I got accomplished today too - putting those sets together.

Still reading my Danielle Steel book, but I don't think it will take too long. I started a "book list" of books I want to put on hold at the library. Some I already have put on hold, like: Justice Denied by J.A. Jance; Burnt House by Faye Kellerman; Power Play by Joseph Finder; Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter and The Quickie by James Patterson -- all some of my favorite authors. Here are a few more I want to put on hold: High Noon by Nora Roberts; What Matters Most by Luanne Rice; The Sleeping Doll by J…

Busy Week

It's been a busy week! Mom had a dr's appt. on Monday afternoon. Everything went well. She seems to be doing well at the nursing home, and has become friends with most of the nurses. They all call her "Miss Billie".

Tuesday night we had surprise visitors. Brandon came home from work about 9:15 and told us he'd seen Sabrina, Corby's cousin from OK, at Leeker's. She and her husband, Brian, and twin sons, Zane and Stephan were in Wichita because the boys were playing on the Tulsa team in the National Baseball Congress tournament. She knew we lived in Wichita, but didn't know we lived in Park City. They were staying with Brian's aunt & uncle, who also live in PC. SMALL world! She gave Brandon her cell phone #, Corby called her, and she and Brian came over to visit. We hadn't seen them since Margaret's funeral last May. Corby went to the boys' game last night, but they lost 10-0 (run-ruled) so they are out of the tournament.

We celebrated…