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October already?

I vowed to do a better job posting on my blog.

I haven't succeeded at doing that.

Still so much going on. My sister, Rhonda, is still in the hospital at St. Joseph Behavioral Health Center. Suffice it to say she's struggling with major depression which has caused mental issues. We're still not sure where things will go from here.

Brandon moved to Dallas on Monday. We will miss seeing him every Sunday, since he would come over for a home-cooked meal. However, Kaitlin and I have a Dallas trip already scheduled. We leave Friday night, Oct. 23rd, and will come home on Sunday, the 25th. I think Melody and Marilyn may go with us.

Royals won today, tying the ALCS with Houston at 1-1. They go to Houston now for two games (first one on Sunday). Let's hope they come out of there with at least one win! Would be fun to win it in KC!