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Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new "used" car. Mine is biting the dust as we speak. Transmission problems. Unless our two friends and neighbors, Tom and Paul, can find a rebuilt transmission, I'm going to be junking my car. C-R-A-P!!!!! At this point, I am driving it until it dies! Pray that it gets me through this week. I will explain later....

Our weekend...

I've been driving my car this week, even though it's still having problems with the tachometer and shifting. Yesterday, the "service engine soon" light came on. Corby tried replacing a gasket on the EGR valve - that didn't fix it, but we still don't want to spend $200 to replace it if that's not the problem. So off to the shop it goes. I'll be dropping it off tomorrow morning on my way to work. Thank goodness our mechanics are just a few blocks from work.

We did manage to get our errands done yesterday. Leeker's is having double $1 coupons this week, so I picked up some goodies. My bill was $98 - and ended up $56 after coupons. I LOVE SAVING MONEY! I don't buy anything we won't use. Normally this is how I buy shampoo, deodorant, cleaning supplies, etc. I did manage to get two 4-packs of Danactive yogurt drinks for .67 each, some Rhodes multi-grain frozen rolls (they are yummy) for .59 as well as other goodies. We usually buy dog treats this…

Back to work

I went back to work yesterday, after a total of 11 days off! That was tough! I love my job, but think I could get used to early retirement! I don't think that will happen anytime soon though, since we have three kids in college!

Corby is still trying different "fixes" for my car. At least it's still running. We know the problem is with the emissions, we're just not ready to replace the EGR valve for $200 unless we know for sure that's the problem. Our neighbor Tom hooked it up to his mechanic computer Tuesday night, and confirmed it's an emission problem. It just doesn't pinpoint whether it's the EGR valve. Corby is going to take it off, clean it and reseal it. Hopefully that will fix the problem. I don't want to invest a bunch more money into this car, especially since they won't be making Saturns anymore.

We are trying to decide where to go for dinner on Saturday night. We'll be celebrating my birthday, which is Monday. No big deal, it…

Manhattan/Topeka Trip

Monday morning I headed to Manhattan. It was a beautiful drive - beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. Fall is alive and blooming in Kansas! When I got to the kids' house, they were all there. Kaleb had to leave for a class, so I took Kaitlin and Brandon to lunch at Arby's (big whoop!). We had a nice visit. After dropping Brandon back off at their house, Kaitlin and I headed to Topeka. We wanted to get there early for the Daughtry concert. I've only been to Topeka a few times, most of them a long time ago. We found the Kansas Expocentre fairly easily (after a stop at Dairy Queen for a blizzard!). Since we had allowed ourselves plenty of extra time, we drove around the area a bit to find the easiest and quickest way out of the arena. We still ended up waiting about 45 minutes before standing in line another 20 minutes for the doors to open. The first act was Cavo. Kaitlin nor I had ever head of them. Apparently they are from St. Louis. Second act was Theory of a Deadman.…

Kaleb's Visit

Kaleb came home Friday night for the weekend. We've enjoyed having him home. For those of you who know him, he has quite a jovial, sarcastic personality, and honestly, I've missed it! We spent most of the day on Saturday running around. Had a great visit with mom, and she was wearing one of her new shirts.

From there we did some grocery shopping at Dillons. Went to the one at 13th & Tyler, which we hadn't been to in several years. It brought back a lot of memories because that's where I used to take mom shopping every week. We had to make a run to Walmart - our second this week. I am NOT a Walmart fan, but since they built the new one at 53rd & Meridian, it's the closest thing to our house. We also took Kaleb out to Cheddar's for dinner. The food was really good, as usual. We went to eat around 4:30, so there was no wait, which is very unusual for Cheddar's. From there we went to the Moonlight Madness sale at Leeker's. They were absolutely swampe…


Time to post some new pics:

Kaitlin with her kitty - Muffin

Freaky Kitty

Kaitlin with her dad

Kaleb will be home this weekend for a visit. He'll get home late this evening and go back on Sunday. It will be good to see him!

My BFF Melody and I went out last night for girls night out. We went to On The Border, had some margaritas and had lots of girl chit chat time! Afterwards we went over to my little sister Marilyn's house to "crash" her girls night out get-together. Had lots of fun, but I found out I should have called Corby to let him know where I was. He didn't know I was going to be out late (well, 11pm isn't THAT late!), and said he was just waiting to get a call from me to come and get me out of jail. Not sure where that came from, but I agreed I should have called him since he didn't realize it was going to be such a long "date"!!!! I'll remember next time honey!

Today's music: vintage Styx...

and a quote for today: "The real voyage…

Nielsen Homescan Group

I am now a member of the Neilsen Homescan Group. This means I scan my purchases every week and send them to the Neilsen Group. I can win cool prizes by doing this, so I thought - why not? I just got my scanner over the weekend, and I will submit my first purchases tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I would love to win a big screen TV!

I had lunch today with my good friends, Joyce and Paula - both friends from high school. Yes, we've known each other for over 35 years! Paula and I were best friends sophomore year through senior year, and Joyce and I were good friends too. In fact, Joyce, my sister, Rhonda, and I lived together for a couple of years in the early to mid 80's. It's always great to get together and catch up on each others lives!

I also visited mom today. I helped her organize her new clothes so hopefully she will know what blouse to wear with what pair of pants!

Thank goodness Kaitlin's truck is fixed now! It was a minor problem - a bad connection with the b…


I love checking account doesn't, but I do! I love ordering $25 worth of merchandise, and not paying for shipping! I ordered some books yesterday:

by Robyn Carr:
1) Runaway Mistress
2) Never Too Late

and by Sherryl Woods:
1) Stealing Home
2) A Slice of Heaven
3) Feels Like Family

I've got all my winter reading ready now...though there are a few of my favorite authors coming out with new books in the next couple of months. I'll have to get those too!

We had a busy weekend - went to Manhattan on Saturday to try to fix Kaitlin's truck, which wouldn't start. No luck! Corby thinks it's either a sensor problem or a fuel filter. If the truck had been here at home he might have been able to replace the fuel filter. However, you have to drop the gas tank - and on a pickup truck that's a big undertaking. So, her truck is at the Dodge dealership waiting for a health verdict. I hope it's not too expensive since she doesn't have money to pay for it, so of …

More Books

Kaitlin & I went to another Goodwill store today looking for more hoodies & sweatshirts for her. Had no luck finding any clothes, but I did buy 4 more books (for $6!!!):

Free Fall by Fern Michaels
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Killer Smile by Lisa Scottoline
Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline

I've read books by both Scottoline and Michaels, but I'm new to Wally Lamb. I think this was actually an Oprah selection, but I'm not sure. If you've read it, let me know if you liked it.

Kaitlin and I are spending our last few hours hanging out together before she heads back to Manhattan. I'll see her again two weeks from today because we're headed to Topeka to see Daughtry on the 19th. We had China Go for lunch. She's been craving chinese food since there isn't much to choose from in Manhattan. It was yummy, but I had enough left for Corby's dinner!

We are headed to the memorial service for our friend Dennis tonight...

Kaitlin's Home and September Books

Kaitlin made it home last night around 10:30. She had company on the trip - one of the guys that she & Kaleb went to Heights with rode home with her. She may have 2 friends riding with her on the way back, as she found out another friend came home this weekend, but his mom drove to Manhattan and picked him up.

We slept in a bit this morning since we stayed up late last night visiting. Went to see mom. Sold some of my Longaberger pottery and met up with the guy in west Wichita. I'm keeping my favorite Longaberger baskets and pottery, but am slowly selling some of my things. We also went to a couple of Goodwill stores - in Maize & the one at 37th & Oliver. Kaitlin is looking for jackets, sweatshirts and/or hoodies. We managed to get one pair of sweat pants and 7 sweatshirts/hoodies for her. Of course, I was looking for books while she shopped for clothes (see below). We also did some grocery shopping at Dillons and then had dinner at Olive Garden - Kaitlin's favorite …

The Loss of a Friend

I lost a friend last night. I mentioned in my last post our friends Dennis & Susan, and the health struggles Dennis was dealing with. He passed away suddenly last night, leaving behind his wife, Susan, his 19-year-old son Danny, and 16-year-old son Sam. Dennis had been sent to Wesley Rehab Center on Thursday, for physical therapy on his left arm and leg, damaged by his stroke. After dinner last night, he had several seizures and passed away. Dennis was a wonderful person, and I know Susan and the boys will miss his tremendously. May he rest in peace.

Tough far

What a week - and it's not even Friday yet. My friends, Susan and Dennis, have been dealing with major health issues for Dennis. He's been battling thyroid cancer, which they thought was one of the two most treatable kinds; but in the last week he's suffered a stroke and the cancer is spreading. He had brain surgery on Saturday, and was transferred to a rehabilitation center today. He has been accepted at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, so it's just a matter of time before they head to Texas. Please keep them in your prayers. They are a very special couple, and Dennis is only a year older than me.

Also got news today that another friend lost her sister-in-law. She had been in a coma for about 4 weeks. She leaves 3 young children. So, so sad!

Put that together with some "abnormal" work issues, and it's been a long week! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday - not only because I get a 3 day weekend (I'm off Monday) but because Kaitlin is coming home for…