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Why do I do this????

Why, oh why do I subject myself and my family to a garage sale every year, sometimes twice a year?

Oh, in the good ol' days when the kids were young, we made quite a bit of money. Baby, toddler and small kids clothing, toys and furniture sell quite well. And since we had 3 little ones, we would have some big, awesome sales. We also had a great location right off Pawnee and Pattie. We had so much fun one time when Brandon was about 7 and the twins were about 5. Brandon and Kaitlin dressed up in costumes - Brandon with a red & white polka dot clown tie and a goofy hat, Kaitlin in a prom dress w/pearls - and they stood at the corner of Pawnee and waved to cars driving by. I don't know how many people went around the block and came back by just to comment on the kids! Ah, those were the good old days.

Nowadays in Park City, the garage sales aren't quite as good. We have kind of a dilemma - whether to join the city-wide sales, when there are sometimes over 100 in about a 4 square mile area, or do our own on a different weekend. I've done a "stand-alone" sale - the first year we moved out here. That was THE most unsuccessful sale we've ever had. So, we join the city-wide bandwagon. Some sales are better than others. If there are over 100 sales, like today, and it's hot, like today - our sales aren't as good. I think people start out in a certain area of town and get hot & tired after a couple of hours, so they don't go to the other parts of town.

Anyway, it was so hot and humid today, but we stuck it out until a little after 3pm. I thankfully made just enough money to cover the new battery we had to buy for my car AND Cinnamon's visit to the vet yesterday (more on those stories later). But, was it worth it? I'm not sure it is anymore. This might be my last sale. But then again, I've said that before.

I had a tooth pulled on Tuesday afternoon. It was the first time I've used gas, and I'm glad I did. Everything went smoothly, and so far, no problems.

Thursday evening went I left work, my car wouldn't start. Kaitlin was leaving at the same time (thank goodness) so we jump-started it, but after driving it about a half block, the check engine light came on, it died, and wouldn't start again. I left the car there, and rode home with Kaitlin. Corby stopped by Friday morning on his way to work to check it out, and determined it was the battery. He replaced it Friday evening after he got off work, and voila - I had my car back!

Oh, and in between getting off work and replacing my battery he and Kaitlin took Cinnamon to the vet. She had been in the house overnight earlier in the week, and kept shaking her head, which is a sign of an ear infection. She's had them before and the vet gave us ear drops. We had a little bit left in a bottle that expired 6 months ago, so we weren't sure if we should use it. However, she was shaking her head so much we went ahead and did it in the middle of the night. The vet would not give us more drops without them checking her out, so off she went. Because of the fur in her ears, if her ears get wet she's prone to getting a yeast infection. The office call, ear drops, and Claritin (from Walmart) cost $100.

So - battery - $93. Vet visit & allergy meds for the dog - $100. Almost $200 spent in about 2 hours. UGH! Oh, and my sister Rhonda had to get a new battery for her car this week too.

But wait, it gets better - well - not better. How about more of the same? Kaleb headed home for the weekend this morning and experienced some car problems as he got to Salina. His radio went off and the gauges on his car started acting funny. He was smart enough to pull off and go to a Walmart then call us. Upshot of his morning? He had to get a new battery too! Yep, life in our household is never boring!


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