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Unknown and more...

It was a busy week (as usual) exacerbated by having alternators go out on Kaitlin's truck and Brandon's car. Corby replaced Kaitlin's alternator today, and we're headed to Manhattan on Tuesday to repair Brandon's car. I'll be so glad when the kids get thru college, and hopefully get good jobs so they can buy newer cars! :-)

Along with the wild weather swing (-15 last week, 75 this week)...we were happy that Kaleb came home yesterday to spend the weekend.

We went to the Shocker game last night, where they lost in the last few seconds because the refs called a foul on them (ugh)

Corby replaced Kaitlin's alternator this morning, while Kaleb, Kaitlin and I visited mom. We came home and picked Corby up, then went to see the new Liam Neeson movie, UNKNOWN, at the Warren Theatre (east). Though the movie was a bit slow-going, I really enjoyed it (perhaps because I'm a big Neeson fan) and there definiately was a TWIST to the movie!

I'm on vacation until Thursday - besides our day trip to Manhattan to replace Brandon's alternator on Tuesday, I plan on doing all our taxes as well as the twins' FAFSA's!


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REVIEW: The Lost Girls by Allison Brennan

St. Martin's Press
November 1, 2016

Love Brennan's Lucy Kincaid series!

Siobhan Walsh has been looking for two sisters who disappeared 2 years ago. She feels responsible, so when she gets a phone call from a Texas priest, who has found an abandoned newborn with a locket nearby that she'd given one of the girls; she goes to Texas in hopes of finding them. She calls in her FBI friends, including Lucy Kincaid, and the search is on. Meanwhile, Lucy's fiance, Sean, has an unexpected visit from a former girlfriend. Her husband, and the 12 year old son he never knew he had, have disappeared in Mexico. So it's time for the Rogan family to find out what's going on.

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(thanks for the REVISITED idea, Robyn!)

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1. The Simpson's - don't like, never watch
2. The Sopranos - never watched
3. Seinfeld - don't like, not a Seinfeld fan
4. The X-Files - never watched
5. Sex and the City - never watched (do you see a pattern here?)
7. The Cosby Show - I would put this in my Top 20, but probably not my Top 10
8. Lost - never watched
9. Friends - HATED!
10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - never watched

Obviously you can see my tastes are definitely not the same as the EW reviewer's.

Here's my Top 10:
1. Miami Vice - I still drool over Don Johnson
2. Golden Girls - consistently funny, and I love Sophia!
3. Scarecrow and Mrs. King - Bruce Boxleitner was one HOT dude!
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