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Busy Week

Had a couple of busy days at work early in the week, and then Wednesday, Kaleb, Kaitlin and I left town at 5:30am to head to K-State for enrollment. It was a LONG day. They met with the whole group at first, then separated the kids from their parents for different sessions. Since I had gone to the parent sessions with Brandon two years ago, I opted to skip them and visit with other parents who were skipping too! After about an hour, they brought everyone together again, then herded the kids off to enroll, leaving us parents in the auditorium to get MORE information. I stayed for a little while, and actually won a grab bag of K-State goodies. They asked if this was your 2nd child to go into engineering at K-State to stand - so I stood. When they asked if it was your 3rd child, I stayed standing - along with one other guy. He actually had put 6 kids through K-State, but this one was his 3rd in the engineering program. So we tied. The tie-breaker was who drove the farthest. Since he came from Olathe, I won! I left after winning the goodies, because they were droning on and on. The twins were done enrolling a few minutes later. Kaitlin's advisor put her in honors classes, and then told her she had to go across campus to get the application for the program. The honors professor was VERY nice and helped her with the paperwork. She also has to write an essay and send it to him sometime in the next month. He told her about a retreat at Rock Springs he is having for the honors freshmen students - to give them a chance to get to know each other. It's the weekend before school starts, and she is going to go. I think it will be a great way for her to meet other kids with her level of maturity. Anyway, after that trudge across campus we had to go back to the student union so they could get pictures taken for their ID's. That was around 1pm. They said it would be 3 before the ID's were ready so we ate lunch with our "free" lunch ticket. Get this - it cost $40 ea. for the twins to go to enrollment, and $20 for me. IT COSTS JUST TO GO TO ENROLLMENT! That doesn't count the thousands of dollars it costs for the classes!!!! Unbelievable! We finally made it home around 6pm.

Last night Corby, Kaitlin and I were outside around 8pm, and a large blond male lab was running loose through the neighborhood. Kaitlin got him to come to us, and he was so sweet. He had a tag on, so Corby got Cinnamon's leash and they walked him through the neighborhood to try to find his home. After about an hour search, including Kaitlin going back and driving through the neighborhood, we decided we would keep him overnight and take him to the vet this morning. Cinnamon wasn't too sure about him, but he was very laid back and they just kind of looked at each other. We kept Cinnamon in the house overnight just in case, and Kaitlin took the dog to the vet at 7:30 this morning. They said his name was "Tuff" and he was a "regular". Now whether that means he escapes his owner's often or he just goes there for shots, etc. we don't know. Either way, he does have a family. I didn't want to keep him because he ATE LIKE A HORSE! Plus, he would put his front paws in the huge water bowl and just knock it over. But he was a sweetie.

I'm writing this before I head off to work. It's my late day. My music plan for the day is 70's & 80's rock - Styx & REO. Two of my faves...

And a quote to end this week: "The summer night is like a perfection of thought." -- Wallace Stevens


Lenore said…
Wow - hope your goodies and free lunch were worth the $100 plus gas money!
Lenore said…
PS - I went on an honors retreat to Heifer International where I got to spend the night as a refugee. Fun times!
Linda said…
I just want her to meet some new people and make some friends. She has some friends, but none that she's really close with. She just wasn't into the whole high school scene - who's dating who, who's messing around with who, who's getting high or drunk...she's always been very mature for her age, so I'm hoping she'll find some other mature kids at this retreat.

And the kids paid for gas. With a pay cut, a week's furlough, and Corby's OT being cut, we're watching every penny we spend. The kids are all making money working this summer, so they offered to pay for the gas, and I took them up on the offer. Of course, I bought all of us ice cream at DQ on the way home!

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