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10 Things I Hate

...okay, a friend did this list, and it sounded like here goes

1) RACHEL RAY. There is something about that woman that I cannot stand. Way too perky and fake for me.
2) BEANS. Just about any kind of beans (except green). Never have liked 'em, never will!
3) SPONGE BOB. I don't get it. My husband and teenagers love Sponge Bob.
4) HARRY POTTER BOOKS. Okay, don't shoot me. I absolutely LOVE to read, but could not get in to the Harry Potter Books.
5) RAP MUSIC. I love just about any kind of music, but rap. Guess that makes me OLD!
6) GEORGE STRAIT. Sorry country fans. He's way too bland for me.
7) RODENTS! Any kind. Gerbils, mice, hamsters, etc.
9) NEGATIVE PEOPLE. I know, I know, we all have our negative days. But some people are determined to be negative 24/7.
10) ALMOST ALL REALITY TV SHOWS. Guess I'm showing my age here, but I could care less about American Idol, Survivor, etc. Okay, okay, I did get into Dancing with the Stars this season, but only because Marie Osmond was dancing. You know, I still have an Osmond family obsession. It's lasted for about 35 years now. Damn, I really am old!


Cowgirl said…
Linda Linda Linda... have you seen George in a pair of Wrangler's?? Mmmm mmmm mmmm good. :)
Lenore said…
Now tell us the things you love -and I better be on the list ;)
Jennifer Lynne said…
I love this blog! Totally agree with you on Rachel Ray. YUMMO!
Chris said…
Well, here's one for you. If you hate George Strait, I can hate Vince Gill. Can't stand his whiny voice. Sounds just like nails on a chalkboard to me!
Linda J said…
yeah, I knew I'd tick of George Strait fans. He's my younger brother's idol. I think he's seen him about 25 times in concert. I guess I shouldn't say I hate him, cuz he's not bad looking, but I just don't care for his music.
Linda J said…
yeah, I knew I'd tick of George Strait fans. He's my younger brother's idol. I think he's seen him about 25 times in concert. I guess I shouldn't say I hate him, cuz he's not bad looking, but I just don't care for his music.
Linda J said…
tick off, not tick of...
Cowgirl said…
i bet i thought of 10 more hate things on my drive to work today. like people whose windows are all frosted over... and they only scrape off a portion on the windshield about the size of a frisbee... and then nothing else. stupid and dangerous. they probably tailgate too! ;)
Heather rules said…
Oh man, I'm negative nancy and a huge fan of reality shows. I guess you hate me. Just kidding.

I am SO with Jennifer. YUMMO! Gag me!

I'm not a big fan of George Strait at all, but I do LOVE Vince Gill.

This was a fun post, as was cowgirls, but I have enough to complain about. I don't think I need to do a list. You'll probably find something in every post of mine. hehe

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