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Yep, if you see me the next 3 weeks, I'll be wearing these tennies (or a black pair). I've had something funky going on with my right foot for several months. I have shooting pains and soreness on the TOP of my foot. It came and went, so I didn't do anything about it. About a month ago, I noticed that the top part of my foot in between my big toe and the 2nd toe - was NUMB! Okay, I started thinking maybe I should go to the doctor and get it checked out. I'm not one of those people who run to the doctor for anything, so it took me a few weeks before I finally made the appointment. Well, I have some sort of inflammation that is causing the pain and numbness. My doc, who is my age, and a really cool guy (except that he graduated from North-sorry all you North alumni) asked me if I'd been wearing flip flops and flats all the time. Well, duh! It's summer dude! Actually, I wear flats 99.9% of the time anyway because I can't wear heels. Yeah, that's another story. Ask to see my bunions sometime. Okay, I digress. He gave me some prescription strength motrin for the pain (c'mon folks, it was only $3.25 - cheaper than buying it at Walmart) and told me I have to wear my tennies (because they have an arch) for 3 weeks, from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. That's tough for me, because the minute I walk in the door at night, my shoes are the first thing that come off. (The bra is usually 2nd - HA!). If this doesn't fix the problem, I'll probably have to go to a podiatrist for more treatment. I hope I don't have to buy those little old lady shoes! I know I'm getting close to being a little old lady, but I thought I had a few good years left! Anyway, if you see me at work or out and about, I'll be the dork wearing skirts or capris with tennies. I tried wearing jeans to work yesterday and it was TOO DAMN HOT!

After finishing another Kristin Hannah book (she's a new favorite author) I started the Stephenie Meyer book "Twilight" last night. It's the first book in her Twilight Series about a teenage girl and a vampire. One of my friends is hooked on the series, and I've been reading all the hype in magazines and online for a while. I happened to pick up the first book "Twilight" while walking through Target the other night. I like to open a book and read the first couple of paragraphs to see if it grabs me. Well, it grabbed me, so I bought it. I didn't get much read last night, but so far I'm enjoying it.

Got together with Brandon's dorm roommate and soon to be apartment roommate, Brady, and his family on Monday night. We went over the things Brady has, what Brandon has, and what's left to get. That way we're not buying the same things that are easy to share - vacuum, chairs, dining room table, etc. Brady's uncle and aunt live in Manhattan, and they are giving the boys a dining room table and possibly a couch. We think they'll start out with a couple of old chairs and some bagged lawn chairs. If they decide later they want his couch they can go get it. We head to Manhattan next Sat., Aug. 2 to get them moved in. Gonna miss that big boy of mine, but I know it will be easier to see him go this year than it was last year.

I'll finish with some lyrics from a Barry Manilow song - All The Time. This is a song you've probably never heard if you're not a fan. But it's lyrically my favorite song of his:

"All the time I thought
There's only me
Crazy in a way
That no one else could be
I would have given everything I own
If someone would have said you're not alone

All the time I thought
That I was wrong
Wanting to be me, but needing to belong
If I had just believed in all I had
If someone would have said you're not so bad

All the time, all the wasted time
All the years, waiting for a sign
To think I had it all
All the time

All the time I thought
There's only me
Crazy in a way that no one else could be
I can't believe that you were somewhere too
Thinking all the time there's only you

All the time, all the wasted time
All the years, waiting for a sign
To think I had it all
All the time"


Heather rules said…
I wondered who that dork was wearing a skirt and tennis shoes the other day. HEHE. Just kidding!
Chris said…
Those are GREAT lyrics, Linda. And welcome to the People with Foot Problems Club (PFPC). I'm right there with you!
you're funny! sorry about the shoes. i was having problems like that but after i had my hyst, it all went away. weird, huh? now i wears heels everyday!
Jennifer Lynne said…
Well, it's a good thing the new dress code thing came out for me since I normally wear flip flops everyday myself. :-( I know they are bad for you to wear everyday but I love them.
Cowgirl said…
look at the bright side... at least you don't have to wear your bra all day and evening too. ;)

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