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Car Fixed - $0 money spent!

Got my car back yesterday. When the guy who sold us the car called me around noon to tell me it was ready, he said it would cost $50. The warranty is 50/50 for the first 30 days or 1,000 miles. They said they spent about $130 with the tow and the parts, so I thought $50 was fair. However, when I went to pick it up, the owner/manager? told me that since I just bought the car (YEP, only 2 WEEKS AGO!) they wouldn't charge me anything. Was I happy? Of course! Was I surprised? Of course! I know you are always taking chances when you buy a used car, and this was certainly nothing that would have been caught on inspection - but I am very happy that they treated us the way they did! Now, would everyone PLEASE pray that we go without car troubles for a while? It seems like there is always something going on with one of the vehicles!

Mom's cataract surgery was cancelled this morning. I took the day off, and took her to the appt. at 9:30. After getting eye drops, and then calling her back, I settled in for an hour of reading of the paper and listening to my I-pod. Was I ever surprised when the nurse came out and said "your mom said she ate breakfast this morning". I said, "um, yeah, was she not supposed to?", which she replied, "um, NO!" The nursing home had her orders for the surgery, and I did not know she wasn't supposed to eat, or I would have written it on the note I left her telling her what time her appointment was and what time I was picking her up. Needless to say, she was PRETTY DARN upset. I tried to calm her down by driving her around, taking her by our old house on Tyler (which has fallen into disrepair with HIGH unmowed grass) and telling her "mom - you didn't have anything better to do today anyway!". They rescheduled her appt. to next Tuesday. After several cancelled appointments: 1) electric malfunction at their building which cancelled her appt. last minute 2) rescheduled appointment due to a death in the family of her eye doctor (her daughter - how sad!), and now this, mom is pretty much feeling like this cataract will NEVER be removed. Pray that it happens next Tuesday or she may lose her mind. (and I might too! HA!)

I am reading the new Nora Roberts book TRIBUTE. It's really good. I hope to finish it tonight.

Do any of you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC? I just LOVE that show. I think I've mentioned it before, but it's about a couple who had twins, and then had sextuplets. Last night they went on a vacation to the beach, and saw wild horses, then trudged up 166 steps in a lighthouse. Very entertaining show! I'm addicted!

I am listening to Rick Springfield's new CD which I just downloaded from I-Tunes. I guess he's back on General Hospital, which I haven't watched since Luke and Laura got married in the 80's. But the CD is very good!

Today's quote, one I just found in a scrapbook magazine: " Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." -- Harriet Tubman


Heather rules said…
Good karma with the dealership!
Is her dr. with Greene Vision Group??
Fingers crossed for the next appt.
Linda J said…
Yes, it's Grene Vision. I can't blame them tho. This one was all on the nursing home!
Heather rules said…
yeah, i know what dr. you are talking about regarding the passing of her daughter. very sad.
we have a few friends that work for GVG.
Chris said…
So glad the car is fixed! Keeping fingers crossed that Billie gets that cataract removed next week.

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