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7 Things

I'm copying this from my niece, Lenore. You can see her version here

7 Things I Did Before
1. Babysat a bunch of urchins
2. Flipped hamburgers at Hardee's
3. Classified inside sales
4. Weekend cash office employee at Target. I counted bunches of money and this was about 25 years ago when they first came to town.
5. Lead typist in a production environment.
6. Executive Administrative Assistant for VP/Operations.
7. Layout Manager (along with various other duties including managing our classified inside sales staff).

7 Things I Do Now
2. Scrapbook
3. Hang out with my family
4. Spend too much time on the computer
6. Blog
7. Play with our menagerie of animals

7 Things I Want to Do
1. Go up in a hot air balloon
2. Visit my niece and her husband in Germany
3. Be a disc jockey
4. Win the lottery (at least I'm honest)
5. Meet Keith Urban
6. Travel to Australia
7. See a Broadway play

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. dear, Dear, DEAR!!!! (I have a husband with selective hearing)
2. Is it Friday yet?
3. Kaleb John Charles (why is it you say your kids middle names when you're getting on them?)
4. Amen!
5. When are we going to win the lottery (ha!)
6. What the f--k (referring to the crazy drivers in Wichita)
7. Get out of my way (again, referring to the drivers in Wichita)

Okay, your turn now...


Lenore said…
Hehe - good answers. But if you'd seen the crazy drivers in The Republic of Georgia (their traffic circles are called circles of death), you'd probably actually appreciate the drivers in Wichita.
Daniel said…
the crazy driver part is funny. the lottery dream i share. the problem is that i never play...

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