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Day 2 & 3 of vacation

I'm really enjoying my vacation. Yesterday was a busy day. Kaitlin and I went over to see my sister Rhonda. She's taking a few days vacation this week too. I managed to get a couple of pictures of her cats. Allie was very cooperative:but it took me awhile to get a good picture of Rascal. She just wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken.I also met my best friend Melody at Abuelo's for dinner. Well, we never really ate dinner - just had some margaritas, chips, salsa, queso and guacamole, and a wonderful 2 hour visit! My camera batteries died while I was at Rhonda's, so I don't have any pictures of my evening to post.

Today I spent all morning working on our taxes. I got ours and the twins done. Will have to do Brandon's later, as I won't get his paperwork until we see him this weekend. We are headed to Manhattan on Friday for a school visit for Kaleb, and then we're going to look around for a house, apartment, duplex, mobile home, etc. for the kids to live in this fall. Brandon will then follow us home Friday evening and will be home for the weekend. YIPPEE!

This afternoon Kaitlin and I got haircuts and then did some shopping at Target and Scrapbook Garden. I need to get busy with their graduation scrapbooks. I'm going to do something similar to the book I did for Brandon:I had the book ready for his graduation party, and had people sign the book as they came in. Then I went back later and filled in pictures from the party of friends and family who signed the book.

Here are some things I picked up at Scrapbook Garden:Just got the final bill from their caps, gowns, graduation announcements, etc. Damn, it's expensive having two graduate at the same time! I think the tax refund is going to come in handy...

I'm just about finished with my latest book, Shelter Mountain, by Robyn Carr. Next on my list is Whispering Rock, the third in her series about a small town called Virgin River. I am really enjoying these books. I think I've found another author I like. I'll have to check out some of her older books.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get a few phone calls made, and then have the rest of the day for just me! I need to get caught up on my Project 365 (I'm scrapbooking a picture a day)...other than that I don't have any set plans (as of right now anyway).

Today's music was Kaitlin's choice as we did our running around - Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits! Yes, I'm a "Fanilow" and proud of it. Kaitlin has grown up with his music, so we were both singing along! Great time with my daughter. I've got to enjoy these outings with her now, because come fall I'm going to be so lonely without the kids! Shhhh-don't tell Corby I said that. I love him to death, but...Honestly, I have a wonderful relationship with all three of my kids, but Kaitlin and I can do the "girl" things together - and have great fun all the time!


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