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I found this on someone else's blog and thought they were questions worth answering...

1. Tell me what you believe to be the greatest invention so far in your lifetime.

Has to be the computer

2. Tell me what scared you when you were little.

The thought of my mom or my dad not being with me.

3. Tell me the best way to spend Sundays

Just hanging out with my family

4. Tell me about someone you always had fun with.

Had and have fun with - my best friend Melody

5. Tell me the wish you have for your children

That they find happiness.

6. Tell me about something you broke.

This is something hilarious from my childhood. To set up this story you need to know that I had been to the doctor and gotten shots. Now - we had an inflatable DINO - the Sinclair gas mascot. On this day that I had gotten shots, I took a pencil and gave DINO a shot. Needless to say, he deflated. I thought I killed him! I was so darn upset! I think I was about 5 years old...

7. Tell me a vivid memory you have of a sister or brother or best friend.

I have many vivid memories of my 2 sisters and 2 brothers, but one of my favorites is when my oldest brother Terry put my youngest brother Mike in a metal trash can in the backyard. The look on Mike's face is priceless. And yes, we have a picture from this experience!

8. Tell me about your favorite book or author.

I have many favorite authors - from Christian author Karen Kingsbury to James Patterson to Tami Hoag to Jodi Picoult to Debbie Macomber to Jonathon Kellerman to Barbara Delinsky to Michael Palmer to Robyn Carr to John Grisham to Danielle Steel to Fern Michaels to Iris Johansen to Allison Brennan to many others!

9. Tell me one place you would still like to visit.

I'd love to visit my niece Lenore and her husband Daniel in Germany.

10. Tell me one day you wish you could do over.

The first time I left Brandon in Manhattan. I was so upset I gave him a quick hug and walked away. If I could do it over I would tell him how much I love him, how proud I am of him, and how much I would miss him.

11. Tell me the best way to determine a person's character.

If they look me in the eye when we are introduced.

12. Tell me what your parents did for a living

My dad was a sales manager at Coors when I was young, and then owned his own liquor store. My mom was a stay-at-home mom until I was in my teens, and then she sold Tupperware (and did a great job!)

13. Tell me what you wish someone would invent and why.

Invent or discover - a cure for all cancers!

14. Tell me something you wished you had learned earlier in life.

That the most important thing is how you feel about yourself, not how others look at you.

15. Tell me what it is like to be married.

It's hard work, but there is nothing more rewarding.

16. Tell me a secret of lasting love.


17. Tell me a tragedy you have known and survived.

Losing my father (fairly quickly) from cancer in 1994.

18. Tell me one possession you always dreamed of having.

A cabin in the woods of Colorado

19. Tell me if you could have one luxury every single week for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'm really not that much into luxury, but maybe a housekeeper who would come in once a week and clean house?

20. Tell me a story about your mom.

There are so many I could tell...but one that sticks in my mind...After my older sister and I moved out, my younger brother and sister would fight and really get on mom's nerves. So bad that she would leave the house while they were fighting and say she was never coming back. Inevitably they would call me and say "mom isn't coming back". After several different occurrences I told mom to at least let me know where she was going and that she WAS going back. At least then I didn't have to worry!

21. Tell me something you got away with when you were little.

Can't really remember anything - but probably initiating fights with my siblings and blaming them?

22. Tell me what makes you feel special when you wear it.

A diamond necklace that was my grandmother's and is now my mom's. I wore it at my wedding.

23. Tell me someone who helped make your life better.

I have 2 people I would say made my life better. My sister Rhonda - who was always there for us when the kids were small. They called her aunt "ra-ra". Even though she lived in OKC at the time, she would babysit for us whenever she was in town. The other person would be my best friend Melody. She's always been a big supporter and a great friend. She's my THIRD sister!

24. Tell me the most memorable school day you can recall

High school. Can't remember which year, but a bunch of us from Bishop Carroll picketed the chancery downtown protesting the removal of Christian Brothers as teachers.

25. Tell me about your favorite relative growing up

Another tough one. I would have to say Grammy, my mom's mother. She was a single parent, worked hard as a saleswoman, and loved her grandkids. My favorite memory is the summer she broke her leg (that wasn't a good thing) and I spent several weeks with her to take care of her. I was about 8. She lived on the 2nd floor in a small apartment in the Murdock and Broadway area, and I remember going to a little grocery store right behind her apartment and doing her shopping for those 2 weeks. I would pick out chicken, vegetables, fruits, AND buy her cigarettes! Pretty heady stuff for an 8 year old!

26. Tell me what, if anything, you would trade all your possessions for.

Success and happiness for my kids.

27. Tell me one famous and one not famous person that you would like to change places with for a day or two.

Angelina Jolie. She has young boy/girl twins, and since I've been through that I would like to see what her life is like - with nanny's, money, etc. The not-so-famous person - probably my niece Lenore who lives in Germany. I would like to experience living in a foreign country.

28. Tell me about a moment of certainty in your life.

I knew the moment I met Corby that I would marry him.

29. Tell me someone who inspired you while you were growing up.

Again, Grammy. She had a rough life - divorced with a daughter at a young age back in the 1930's. She went on to save a tidy sum of money and was well-liked in her sales positions at Buck's and then Woolf Brothers department stores.

30. Tell me about the teacher that made the biggest difference in your life.

I honestly can't pick one teacher. I had a lot of good ones, especially at Bishop Carroll.

31. Tell me about the nicest things people ever did for you

One of the nicest things was having a baby shower when I was expecting twins. You expect a baby shower with your first child (which I had), but after that you don't expect or usually need a baby shower. Friends from work decided we needed a second one when we found out we were having twins. We got a great stroller, car seats, clothes, diapers, etc. which we truly needed!

32. Tell me a dream you remember.

I consistently have dreams where I fly. I have no idea why.

33. Tell me a story about when you were a teenager.

My first concert ever was seeing the Osmonds at Henry Levitt Arena. I was so upset because the teeny bopper girls wouldn't shut up when Donny sang. I was 13 years old, but I wanted to hear him sing!

34. Tell me if the weather ever scared you.

Only once. Right after the twins were born we were at my mother-in-law's in Haysville. A tornado went through Haysville as we were driving back to Wichita. It did a lot of damage in Haysville, and we just missed driving right through it - with the kids!

35. Tell me about your very first best friend.

Probably my very first best friend was Laurie Roberts. We met in 7th grade. She had just moved to Wichita from Maryland, and I had just moved to the west side of Wichita and was going to a new school. We were friends for 2 years until she moved back to Maryland. The best thing though? We reunited through e-mail about 5 or 6 years ago, and now keep in touch on Facebook. She lives in Hawaii now!

36. Tell me about God

I grew up Catholic, and then didn't go to church or anything through my 20's and into my 30's. Corby and I married in a Methodist church, even though we didn't attend services at the time. We since joined another Methodist church, where our kids have grown up. God is all powerful, and our Savior and Lord.

37. Tell me about your first job.

My first job was at Hardee's. I worked there for 3 years - junior & senior year of high school and for a year after that I was assistant manager. I left there when I realized that being assistant manager meant nothing. I fired a kid who didn't show up for work 2 days in a row, and the manager said "aw, he can come back to work. We need him." That iced it right there. I found a job in classified advertising at the Eagle and never looked back!

38. Tell me bout the first house you remember living in.

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and the first house we lived in was a small 3 bedroom house in South Wichita. My 2 sisters and I shared a bedroom, my oldest brother had his own bedroom, and my youngest brother was in my parent's room until we moved in 1968 (he was 3).

39. Tell me about the town or towns you lived in growing up.

Grew up in south Wichita back in the days where you could wander the neighborhood with your friends until way after dark and there were no worries about kidnappings, assaults, etc.

40. Tell me about your rings.

Only have wedding rings. I'm on my second set since we got married.

41. Tell me what things were like for your parents.

Tough, very tough. Imagine 5 kids, small house, mom stayed home with kids, dad worked long hours. I don't know how they did it!

42. Tell me about your first love.

Honestly, my first and only love has been my husband!

43. Tell me how to stay strong when the going gets tough.

Hold your head high and plow your way through the tough times.

44. Tell me about your first car

1968 Camaro. Wish I still had it!

45. Tell me the first time you felt grown up.

Probably when I was 19 and my older sister and I rented our very first apartment.

46. Tell me a story about a pet you had.

We had a dog, part German Shepherd, part Collie, named Gidget. At that time we didn't have a fenced yard, she was on a chain (I know, it's cruel). Some other dogs were attacking her late one night, and I went out in my pajamas with a broom and beat the other dogs off of her.

47. Tell me about a hero in your family.

My dad was gone so much when we were growing up that she was a single parent most of the time. She raised all of us kids to be loving, caring adults. Not that we haven't had our issues, but we're all good people!

48. Tell me about someone you love with all your heart.

My husband and kids. I would do anything for them!

49. Tell me about your favorite toy when you were little.

I honestly don't remember specific toys, just good times playing outside with my siblings.

50. Tell me someone who you felt always had your best interest in mind.

My mother, even though I didn't always listen to what she had to say.

51. Tell me one of your first happy memories.

Summers playing outside with my siblings and our neighborhood friends.

52. tell me one thing you like to do that makes you feel comforted.


53. Tell me what you loved to do when you were little.

Play board games with my siblings.

54. Tell me about a poem, song, or letter that you wrote.

I am not a good writer, so I don't have any idea on this one.

55. Tell me a regret that you have.

Not spending as much time with my grandparents as I could have before they passed away.

56. Tell me a wish you have for your country.

Some way to get out of this economical crisis we're in.

57. Tell me about a moment you thought was magnificent.

When Barack Obama was elected President.

58. Tell me one rule you think is silly.

Can't think of any rules right now!

60. Tell me about your absolute favorite childhood possession.

My white go-go boots that I begged and begged for when I was in 6th grade!


Lenore said…
I'm so flattered to be mentioned in conjuction with Angelina Jolie. And I hope you can come visit me someday soon!!

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