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Picture This

Sicily, 1940. (Remember Sophia's "stories" on Golden Girls? LOVED THAT SHOW!)

Anyway, picture this...12:30am this morning. Dog incessantly barking in the backyard. Yes, our dog. Doesn't she look all sweet and innocent in this picture? After 5 minutes, Corby went on the deck and tried to get Cinnamon to come in the house. Did she? Would she? NO! She was running around the yard, barking like an idiot! After a few minutes, she calmed down. He came back to bed. 5 minutes later. Incessant barking again! I got up, put my robe and house slippers on, and went into the backyard. Do you think she would come to me? NO! Even with treats! I had bacon treats in my hand. She was sneaky enough to grab one and get away before I could catch her. (She's 75 pounds of pure fur and muscle!). She was jumping at the back fence, and lo and behold, I saw beady little eyes. Yes, there was an opossum! (And no, I didn't take this picture) No wonder she wouldn't come in the house. Corby was standing at the patio door in his underwear (yes, his underwear) watching me. I finally told him to put some shorts on and come outside to help me grab the dog. In the meantime, our next door neighbors came out too because their dog, Sadie, was barking her head off. We tried everything to get the opossum to leave. Corby threw a plastic milk jug at it (one of Cinnamon's play toys). He threw a deflated ball at it. Nothing worked. He finally got close enough to Cinnamon to grab her collar and drag her up the stairs into the house. We put her in the bedroom with us - where she sleeps if it's raining or snowing. She was so frickin' excited that it sounded like she was hyperventilating. We had our window open, but I finally shut it hoping she couldn't smell the opossum anymore. I turned our ceiling fan on and hopped back in bed. Then - I had to get up again. Remember those mylar Valentine balloons Kaitlin gave us? They are still inflated. Anyway, they're in our bedroom. They started blowing around with the ceiling fan on so I had to get up and throw them in Corby's closet. Then, finally back to bed. Cinnamon was still freaking out. She drank a bunch of water and I told her she better plan on crossing her legs because she wasn't going back outside until morning. About 45 minutes later, 1:30am or so, Corby and I were finally able to go to sleep. Then he had to get up at 5am to go to work. So - needless to say - we are both darn tired tonight. I think Cinnamon may be sleeping in our room at night for the foreseeable future!


Lenore said…
Hilarious! Frustrating I know to be awoken by our animals...

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