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Day from Hell

I think I had a similar post last fall...but here goes.

Brandon called around 9:40am. His car wouldn't start - wouldn't turn over - wouldn't do anything. Since Corby & Kaitlin's camping weekend was rained out, they headed up to Manhattan to check out Brandon's car. (I needed to stay home to work on projects for the twins graduation party, laundry and more of mom's paperwork). In the meantime, Brandon walked to work (quite a distance). Kaitlin called around 12:30 to say they'd made it to Manhattan and were meeting Brandon at Dillons to find out where his car was parked. Since he moved into Marlatt Hall in January, he's had to park in different locations. While trying to search for Brandon's car, MY CAR BROKE DOWN! I had to take Kaitlin's truck to Manhattan, arriving around 3:45pm. Corby tried to figure out what was wrong with Brandon's car, while I tried to find someone with a car dolly we could rent. Since it's Sunday, there was only one place open, and the only dolly they had was reserved for someone else. C-R-A-P! We ended up taking Brandon's battery to Walmart to have it tested, since that's where we purchased it about a year and a half ago. We couldn't determine if it was the battery or an electrical problem because it seemed like he had a short with his headlights. Anyway, Walmart determined the battery was bad and gave us a new one - didn't have to pay a dime - thank goodness! That fixed Brandon's problem, but we were still debating what to do about my car. We thought about spending the night in Manhattan - though none of us had clean clothes or toiletries. But we finally decided it was probably more expensive to find a hotel in Manhattan than to just come home. We will be renting a car dolly in the morning and heading back to Manhattan to tow my car home and take it to our mechanic. I hope it's nothing too expensive. With the twins graduation party next week, and graduation about 10 days later - we don't have much extra money if you know what I mean!

Now - I'm bushed and headed to bed. Have to rise early for another trip to Manhattan. The ONLY THING GOOD ABOUT THE DAY? We got to spend some time with Brandon. His boss let him leave when I got there so we could get his car fixed, etc. It was good seeing my baby!


Lenore said…
Wow. You guys have the most car trouble ever!
Linda J said…
yep, compounded by having 5 vehicles in the family! The odds are against us!
Anonymous said…
I know exactly how you feel!!! Sorry your days were so horrible, especially when you're already having so much stress with other things. Take care. ~ Anne

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