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Keith Urban - My Pick for Entertainer of the Year

Friday was a good more ways than one.

I was finally able to get the "stuck" gauze off my big toe - after coming home at lunch and soaking my foot for 45 minutes in Epsom Salt. It took a while, and some tugging and pulling, but I finally managed to get it off. Of course, that made my toe even sorer - it was just starting to feel better. But - it was worth it.

Last night we went to the Keith Urban / Jason Aldean concert at the Coliseum. Jason opened the show with a rockin' country set, and had the crowd on their feet. Our seats were AWESOME. Corby and I had seats right down in front of the stage. When Keith was performing in the center section which came out in the crowd a little, we were in the second row. He spent quite a bit of time there, so I managed to get some good pictures! Keith knows how to get the crowd pumped AND keep them pumped! My only complaint about the show was that security let people crowd down in front of the stage - only this big bad mama didn't let ANYONE get in front of her! We were close enough to the stage that it didn't affect my viewing of the concert, until the last 15-20 minutes when people started standing on chairs. Now, personally I think it's rude of people to stand on chairs and block everyone's view, and security should not have let people do it. Suffice it to say that when they started standing on the chairs in front of us, I hung myself over the chair in front of me and DARED anyone to scoot onto the chair. I guess I must have looked tough (ha!) so no one tried to stand there. Keith sang all of his hits, and some songs off his new "Defying Gravity" CD. The man has stamina, because it was really hot in there, and he played for well over 2 hours. I've been to a LOT of concerts in my lifetime, and Keith ranks right up there in the top 3 or 4. Here are some pictures:

Check out this cool guitar! I bet he played 10 different guitars during the show.

Jason Aldean came back out during Keith's show and they sang the Eagles "Take It To The Limit". They did a great job on it too!

The next two pictures were taken from the big screen. Yummy!

Yes, Keith came out in the crowd. We couldn't see much of him at that point because there were so many people on the floor. He went out to a small stage set up at the rear and played a couple of acoustic songs. I'm sure the people sitting in the back and up way high were thrilled about it. I remember when Corby & I saw him last year, we were at the very TOP of the Coliseum, and we LOVED it when he came out there and played. He knows how to please a crowd - moved around all parts of the stage and came out into the audience twice!

Jason Aldean - he opened the show. Kaitlin and I had seen him a couple of years ago with Rascal Flatts.

Me and my honey bunchkins. We had 5 tickets total - Corby and I got the 2 best seats. Kaitlin, Kaleb and our neighbor Jansen sat about 5 rows behind us. Jansen is 12 and it was her first concert. She had a blast! Brandon originally was going to go, but decided (after I bought tickets) that he didn't want to pay for the seat. I guess I didn't specify he would be paying for the ticket when I asked him if he wanted to go.

This is where we found Sugar (or Sugie-Bear) when we got home around 11:40pm - chillin' on Kaitlin's truck!

Today has been pretty busy too. Corby had to work this morning. Kaleb and I went to visit mom, and then went to Dillons. My best friend, Melody, was there shopping, so we had a quick visit. Her daughter Diane is celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow. Wow, time sure does fly! We brought home the Dillons groceries, picked up Brandon and Corby (who got home right before we did) and went to Walmart, my least favorite store in the world. I had to pick up some bandaids with antibiotics on them, and a few other necessities. Then we finished our grocery shopping at Leeker's. I sure am going to miss my discount when the kids leave for school! Of course, we won't be spending as much on groceries either! I'm trying to stock up on a bunch of specials and coupon savings for the kids. I'll do that for the next few weeks, as we will be moving them on August 1st! Kaitlin and I now have the laundry separated and I've started on it. I plan on doing some scrapping and reading the rest of the weekend. It's too hot and humid to do much of anything outside!

I'll end the post with a quote: "Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else." -- Judy Garland


Anonymous said…
Awesome pictures, Lilnda. Glad you had a good time and that no one stepped on your toe!!! ~ Anne
Anonymous said…
The keys stick sometimes ... I really do know how to spell your name. ~ Anne
Linda said…
was lucky that I survived the concert with my toe - with so many people crowding down in front. But I leaned against the chair in front of me part of the time, bent my knee back and held my foot up. I probably would have beat up anyone who stepped on my toe! HA!
TaylorSwift said…
One of my long standing dreams was to attend a Keith urban concert live. . I know all the words of his songs by heart …well he is performing this year. Next weekend I’m going to visit my sister and we will attend his Keith urban ; I've compared tickets prices tix before from Ticketwood here
So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the concert.
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