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New Chair for Mom

While visiting mom last weekend, she complained about her chair and how uncomfortable it was. I sat in it to test it out, and she was right - it was in BAD shape! This was a used "lift" chair we bought about 2 years ago. The motor went out in it, which wasn't really a problem, since she doesn't truly need a lift chair. However, it had gotten quite uncomfortable for her. So, Corby and I had a plan today. First on the agenda was to rearrange her room. Since she is now sharing a room, she has complained about not having enough space. Her roommate Delores is a very nice lady, but like everyone, sometimes you just need your own personal space. We made a fairly minor switch today - we switched the location of her chair and her dresser. This put her chair near the door, and her dresser next to the chair of her roommate. This gives her a little more breathing room. After we made the switch, we took her furniture shopping to buy a new chair. We found a great one for her, at a very reasonable price. While shopping, we found this chair, called the "boss".It was huge. I had mom sit in it just to show how big it really is. It reminds me of those pictures from Disney World and other vacation spots where you see kids sitting in huge chairs. Just cracks me up to see mom in this chair.

Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of mom in her new chair, but we got it set up in her room and she was ecstatic! It's amazing how something you might think is trivial really brightens up someone else's day!

Here are some other random pics from the last week:

Corby mowing the yard - no kids at home to do it for us
Cinnamon watching him mow the yardOur poor chimenea which bit the dust this summer...And Muffin hanging out with Corby - she REALLY misses KaitlinThe kids have had a busy week. Brandon has spent his week trying to find financing for some of his college expenses. Kaleb and Kaitlin have been busy trying to find jobs. They are both trying to get on at Dillons. The hiring manager told them that they will know more this next weekend about what they need to hire. The dorms open next Saturday, so the population of Manhattan will grow tremendously! Please, say a prayer that they find a job in the next few weeks. They both HAVE to work! Kaitlin has been having computer problems, and her laptop apparently bit the dust today. She's only had it for a little over a year, so she is very unhappy at this point. It's an HP, and has already been sent in twice for problems. However, the warranty has recently expired, so she's thinking about buying a Gateway laptop. Brandon has had his Gateway for 3 years, and hasn't had any problems with it. It sure sucks to have computer problems in this day and age, especially when you're just getting ready to start college! They have all been shopping for books this week too - and have been able to find a few used ones in the process. It's no wonder that college is so expensive, it's not just the tuition and living expenses, it's the damn books!

We continue to adjust to "life without kids". It's very strange to be home in the evenings and not have kids running in and out all the time. We are hoping to go up to Manhattan for a visit the weekend of August 29th...

I also started a "brouhaha" on my Facebook page yesterday. I took a poll that said I would NEVER vote for Sarah Palin in 2012. This did not mean I wouldn't vote Republican, it meant what it said - I wouldn't vote for Palin. One of my old high school classmates started a very heated debate on my wall, and several of my former Eagle co-workers got involved in the debate. I didn't realize how heated it got until this morning when I checked Facebook and read all the postings. I ended up deleting the whole thing, and then asking my friends not to discuss politics on my page. My family and I do not discuss politics for this same reason. I am a strong believer in the fact that we live in the United States of America, and we are a free country, which means we are all entitled to our opinions. To me that also means we should respect each other's opinions, and agree to disagree.
Heated debates and name-calling only serve to make people mad at each other. And we all know I don't like confrontations. So - let's keep our Facebook postings fun...we can debate politics elsewhere if we choose.

UPDATE: Apparently my old high school classmate's Facebook page was hacked, and it wasn't her writing the bigoted derogatory statements.

And today's quote: "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." -- Mother Theresa


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