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Lots of Fun!

We had a busy weekend with Kaitlin home. She surprised me on Friday afternoon by coming up to work as soon as she got to town! Friday night we visited with the neighbors, watched some TV and just hung out. Yesterday we were off and running. We had breakfast at The Beacon, one of Kaitlin's favorite homestyle restaurants. She loves their biscuits and gravy. We then visited mom. She was happy to see Kaitlin. We dropped Corby off at Fantastic Sam's to get a haircut, and ran to the bank while he was there. After picking him up, we went to Scrapbook Garden. I had gotten a gift certificate for my birthday, so of course I had to go use it! We also went to Yankee Candles (I had some GREAT coupons!),

Bath & Body Works (great sale going on!), Bed Bath & Beyond and then Office Max to pick up a few things for work. We did grocery shopping at Dillons, and then headed home to unload the car. We filled up a couple of bags for Kaitlin to take home, relaxed for a little while, and then went to PF Chang's for dinner. It was Kaitlin's choice. We got there around 5, before they got very busy, so we got right in. We had a great waiter, but when they brought our food they brought the wrong entree for Corby. So, we got to keep that entree (free of charge of course!) and then they brought the correct one about 5 minutes later. So, we got 4 meals for the price of 3. Needless to say Corby has leftovers to take to work tomorrow...We stopped at Leeker's on our way home to pick up their specials, and so Kaitlin could visit some of her former co-workers.

I did laundry today, including a couple loads for Kaitlin. I told her to bring her dirty clothes home since I knew she was needing to study for some tests. We also went to Target today to pick up some goodies there, including some sale items that I had coupons for. Bought the kids an artificial tree. Of course they need to have SOME Christmas decorations! Corby fixed us a wonderful dinner: meatloaf, hash brown casserole, green beans w/bacon bits and rolls. Yummy! Kaitlin had a full tummy when she left around 5. We checked the radar before she left, and she shouldn't run into any of the snow. It's headed that way, but should be later this evening before it hits Salina and points north. Her truck was loaded down with all the goodies we sent home for her and the boys.
The Chiefs are leading the Raiders 13-10 right now, but who knows how it will end. Neither team looks very good.

Kaitlin and I listened to some Christmas music today.

The CD player isn't working in my car, so we used my I-Trip and listened to music from her I-pod. There are a couple of little things going on with my car, one of them is my blinkers quit working today. Corby checked it out and it's just a fuse, so he will fix it tomorrow. I HATE not having blinkers. It makes me feel bad because I'm one of those drivers who hollers at other drivers for not signaling!

It's back to work tomorrow. The next two weeks will be crazy, so it was nice to have a fun weekend!



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