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High School Buds

Off and on the last few years, I've gotten together for lunch with my high school friends, Paula and Joyce. We've often discussed another great friend from high school, Michelle, and how we would love to see her. Michelle went to college in Omaha, and since then she's lived in Wisconsin and Nebraska. She has been everything from a helicopter medi-vac nurse to a home health care nurse. I haven't seen Michelle since my wedding, 22 years ago! Michelle's dad is in poor health, and whenever she is in town she obviously wants to spend time with him. However, all four of us managed to get together last night at Applebee's for a wonderful REUNION!

Michelle, Joyce, me and Paula

Michelle and I met at Paula's and then drove to Applebee's. Paula's health issues prevent her from driving at night. We then met Joyce at the restaurant.

Michelle and Joyce

At Paula's house before we left:

It was so funny - we had Paula's husband and 3 sons all taking pictures of us with 3 different cameras!

I hope Michelle has time to spend with us the next time she's in town, because 3 hours at Applebee's doesn't allow you to catch up on 22 years!

Love you all my friends!


Jennifer Lacy said…
that's great you are able to do that!
Anne said…
What fun!!! Joyce hasn't changed a bit since the last time I saw her YEARS ago.

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