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Life Is Crazy

It's been a crazy few weeks. I've finally gotten all my Christmas shopping done, and all my cards out. I've gotten a few cards from people I crossed off my list because they haven't sent any out the last few years, so I've added them back on my list.

I was on vacation this week, though I spent quite a bit of time answering e-mails and taking care of work issues. Next week will be busy, and I'm short-handed with staff. We'll muddle through. We always seem to.

Mom's condition is deteriorating. Her memory is so bad that you can talk to her and 30 seconds later she's either repeating herself or asking the same question. We're taking everything one day at a time right now.

Kaitlin is anxiously awaiting a visit from her best friend Lydia, who still goes to K-State. She lives in the KC area, and will be spending 5 days with us next week. It's always good to see her. She's a good kid.

Kaleb will be home next Friday and will be home for just over a week. It will be good to see him!

Melody took me out to Abuelo's last night for a belated birthday dinner celebration. We've had trouble finding time to get together. We had a great time, and she came back to our house afterwards, where we played a game of Scattergories. It was hilarious! Brought back memories of playing it with dad, when he would come up with super crazy answers.

After our visit with mom this morning, we went to the bookstore at WSU so Brandon could get a Christmas gift for the person he drew for Christmas. We had a quick bite to eat Jimmy John's and then did some shopping at Kohl's. I had a 30% off everything coupon. We all got shoes - Corby, Brandon and I got athletic shoes and Kaitlin got a pair of boots. Brandon also bought a new wallet - after 6 years he needed a new one! We stopped at a couple of apartment complexes to get some information for Brandon. They were both quite pricy and neither had a model we could look at. We finished up the day with our Dillons shopping. It wasn't too bad - my guess is everyone else was out finishing their Christmas shopping!

Brandon and Kaitlin are going out tonight with Brady - they're going to grab a bite to eat and then go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. We're staying home to watch K-State's basketball game at 9pm. Let's see if we make it through the whole game. We're old, you know!

I can't believe Christmas Eve and mom's 84th birthday are a week from today. 2011 has flown by!


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